Dying Embers – Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Black Sunset/MDD
Released: 2019
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Band Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/BeyondTheCrimsonHaze/

Dying Embers - Where Shadeless Dwell frozen
Dying Embers – Where Shadeless Dwell frozen
Band line up:

Jurgen Schutz – Vocals/guitar and programming
Stefan Traunmuller – Session bass
Thomas Leitner – Session drums


1. Pursue The Light – 05:16
2. Beyond The Crimson Haze – 04:11
3. Praise The Signs – 04:44
4. Fields Of Fire – 04:32
5. Ignite The Sky – 04:53
6. Carved Into Fate – 03:52
7. Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen – 04:12
8. Dead To The World – 05:12
9. In Cold Embrace – 04:36
10. Darkside – 04:56


Dying Embers is the solo project of Jürgen Schurz (Unhallowed) with support from producer Stefan Traunmuller at Soundtempel Studio in Freilassing, Bavaria, where it was also recorded. The biography that came with the review material says this:

”Dying Embers was born out of the ambition to create music that contains influences from acts such as In Flames, Sentenced, Dark Tranquillity or even Metallica to a certain extent, which results in a sound structure that is dark, epic but still melodic. With catchy vocals and many melodies that have the potential to grab the listener with their bittersweet melancholy, “Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” also presents a lyrical concept that reveals the struggle with inner demons and views on the darker aspects of the human being.”

I could not have put that better myself so I won’t try. I’ll get straight to the point. This album is not that bad actually. It’s an easier listen than a few other albums I’ve listened to over the past week. If you want to get a spot of painting done then tracks like ”Praise The Signs” will get you into the groove with its old school guitar riffs and honey-smoked vocals whilst ”Fields Of Fire” turns up the darkness a notch mixing smoked vocals with more grit and gravel. There are some satisfying chugga chugga grooves on “Ignite the Sky”, along with some nice guitar interplay later in the track. Organs set the scene at the start of “Carved Into Fate”, which has vocal phrasing reminiscent of something else, what is it? Oh I know, Eminem.

From this point forward though I started to get bored. The initial promise had started to dissipate and lost quite a bit of interest. Title track ”Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” started with a simple bass line underscored with atmospheric keyboards and overlaid with a clean picked guitar which was okay, but for me it’s not something to get excited about. ”In Cold Embrace” did perk me up a bit though, but something is missing! There is a minuscule something missing that makes the difference between making this a great track or just a good one!

“Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” was recorded, produced and thus made possible mainly by the support of producer Stefan Traunmüller in the Soundtempel Studio Freilassing (a.o. Wallachia).


Review by:

Claudia Black