OKILLY DOKILLY (the world’s only “Nedal” band) Reveals New Track “Bulletproof Glass”

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborinos! Viral sensations OKILLY DOKILLY – the world’s only “Nedal” band – will release their second full-length album, entitled Howdilly Twodilly, on March 29, 2019.

To celebrate, the band have unleashed another new single, this time for the track “Bulletproof Glass”.

Listen to the track now via Nerdisthttps://nerdist.com/article/ned-flanders-metal-band-okilly-dokilly-bulletproof-glass/

If you haven’t yet, pre-order your copy via iTunes here or Bandcamp here.

Head Ned tells Nerdist“Us Neds are quite safety-oriented fellows. When we recorded ‘Bulletproof Glass’, we used extreme caution to make sure every brutalino note was captured on the recording and didn’t breach studio containment. Each member wore a full hazmat suit and we managed to keep casualties to a minimum. Our safety inspector did fall asleep on the job and Shred Ned’s solo melted three faces, but otherwise, all particles of rock and/or roll were well contained. We’re very excited to release ‘Bulletproof Glass’ and we hope it’s something everyone can cautiously thrash to.”

If you can’t get enough of OKILLY DOKILLY, check out another new track from Howdilly Twodilly, entitled “Reneducation”, here via a new music video:

Howdilly Twodilly
 track listing:
1. Reneducation
2. When the Comet Gets Here
3. Murder House
4. I Can’t, It’s a Geo
5. Bulletproof Glass
6. Claw My Eyes Out
7. Purple Drapes
8. Here’s the Noose
9. Murdiddlyurdeler
10. Wrong God

11. Fokilly Dokilly

In support of their new album, OKILLY DOKILLY plans to head east on the Howdilly Twodilly Tourdilly, beginning April 4 in Des Moines, IA. The tour will feature support from Playboy Manbaby through April 14, and Bear Ghost from April 16-28. Tickets are available now via individual venues or www.okillydokilly.com.

Established in 2015, Phoenix, AZ based OKILLY DOKILLY found success before even playing their first show, reaching viral phenomenon status after releasing just a few press photos and a four-song demo. Within two weeks, the band netted nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and was featured by numerous publications including BillboardTimeThe IndependentBBCEsquireRolling Stone, Vice and many more. In 2016, the band released their debut album, Howdilly Doodilly (stream/order here) – a 13-track catalog filled with Flanderisms, rushing guitars and more than enough left-handed puns. In the wake of this release, the bespectacled five-piece dropped the official music video for their single, “White Wine Spritzer”, which has garnered over five million views to date.

“Okilly Dokilly, Phoenix’s self-professed “world’s first Nedal band,” have got you covered, kicking out righteous riffs while clad in the traditional green sweater, pink shirt, and nerdy glasses of Homer Simpson’s eternally cheerful and devoutly Christian neighbor.” – Peter Helman, Stereogum

“Their sound… is solid, formulaic metal, with soft, almost classically-voiced verses slashed by the requisite screaming choruses. Let’s just say Homer Simpson might think twice about calling them “Stupid Flanders(es)” after hearing it.” – Steve Huff, Maxim

“…we have a feeling you’ll be nodding your head faster than you can say hi-diddly-ho.”– Anthony Domanico, CNET

“My spell check is intent on correcting ‘Dokilly’ to ‘docilely’, but docile they are not, with their music revolving around crunchy, lo-fi guitar and shrill, lurching synth.” – Christopher Hooton, The Independent

OKILLY DOKILLY is currently billed as Head Ned (lead vocals, guitars, mandolin), Dread Ned (drums), Shred Ned (guitar, vocals, triangle), Bed Ned (bass) and Zed Ned (synth,vocals).