Doombanomicon – Doombanomicon

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Black Doomba Records
Released: 2019
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Band Website: N/A (compilation of bands)

Band line-up:

Various bands


1. Imperii Exsulses by Negative Wall
2. Bitter Plea by Doomstress
3. Smoke Serpent by Stoneman
4. Dawn of Eternal Night by Witchcross
5. The Veneration of Serpents by Gallow God
6. Shadow in the Well by Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf
7. Monochrome by Dead Register
8. Defy the Lie by Bludy Gyres
9. Wood Valley by Order of the Owl
10. Busla’s Curse by DayGlo Mourning
11. Izhar by Coffin Torture
12. Kill For Sport by Gravehuffer
13. Hymn by Xothun


“This is not a compilation,” says Tommy Stewart, owner of Black Doomba Records. Plenty of labels do compilations, but his label offers a curation. Well…thanks for clearing that up for us. This “curation” is a mix of bands doing their doom songs, and it’s a very mixed bag. This “curation” showcases a gamut of doom metal, progressing from the light and melodic to the dark and dingy. It took Stewart six months to hand-pick the artists for this collection and no two songs are the same. Doombanomicon also boasts artwork of a robotic death-dealing creature rumbling on caterpillar tank tracks.

“Imperii Exsulses” by Negative Wall is a very bland Black Sabbath knock off that drones on and on. “Bitter Plea” by Doomstress, with their female vocals, really stands out. Strong vocals, heavy music, but catchy…loved it. “Monochrome” by Dead Register…when did The Doors do doom? “Wood Valley” by Order of the Owl has cookie monster vocals ruining a great song, and “Izhar” by Coffin Torture is more of the same. “Hymn” by Xothun is really atmospheric and moody, which wasn’t too bad, but the rest is just poor Sabbath wannabees. The production goes from thick and murky to fairly clear.

One good thing about this “curation” is that I found a band that I like: Doomstress. The rest of this…nope.


Review By: 

Rick Ecker