2 Wolves – … Our Fault

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: https://www.inverse.fi/
Released: April 2019
Buy Album: https://www.inverse.fi/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=796&osCsid=31769ac8763bc38a513335a63d55c23d
Band Website: http://www.facebook.com/2Wolvesfinland

Band line-up:

Niko Pennanen – Drums, Keys, programming
Ilkka Valkonen – Vocals
Sami Simpanen – Bass
Petri Määttä – Guitar
Jere Pennanen – Guitar



01. Unwritten Names
02. Strange Patterns
03. Of Storm And Stars
04. Regret
05. Dreaming Beneath
06. Departures And Arrivals
07. Blame
08. Tuhat Kertaa
09. The Fault Is Ours


Hailing from Finland, 2 Wolves demonstrate a unique blur of genres: Gothic/Melodic Death/Doom Metal and it works oh so well. I’m no stranger to any of these genres and I’ve reviewed them a few times here on IV. I’m also not afraid to admit that doom metal and I have never really glued in the past. This is mostly because I’ve found it too slow or ‘samey’ for lack of a better word. But as I’ve stated in the past it’s a genre that I’ve yet to really delve into and explore properly. However, with 2 Wolves I didn’t experience the problems that I’ve had in the past with doom metal. Due to their unique blend of gothic and melodic death thrown into the mix, I found myself more drawn to it this time around.

There’s something about this album that would appease to multiple genres and not just the main ones they seem to have drawn influence from, leading me to believe it will be quite popular amongst all kinds of metal lovers.

Regret is strangely named. It acts as a sort of interval in the album and is beautifully constructed. There is nothing to be regretful of here. Blame follows the same structure but differently, there are vocals. Deep, silky and bellowing vocals. These aren’t like the blood-curdling screams you hear in the rest of the album and it’s mesmerising.

Blame seems to change the entire mood of the album as it becomes far more goth/melodic than doom. The clean vocals followed Tuhat Kertaa and were suddenly wiped away in the last track but it still kept its melodic stance over doom.

Expect gut-wrenching vocals, stunning solos and heavy bass. Extremely good for an album recorded in 8 days.

Review by Courtney Solloway