Entrapment – Imminent Violent Death

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Dawnbreed Records
Released: 2019
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Band Website: Bandcamp / Facebook

Band Line-Up:

Michel Jonker: All Instruments/Vocals


01. Mortality Unleashed
02. Incantation of the Grotesque
03. Sanctifying Putrescent
04. Malicious Predominance
05. Sacrilegious Congregation
06. Imminent Violent Death
07. Morbid Habitation
08. Process of Dehumanization


Entrapment‘s newest album is an interesting release for a couple of key reasons. Firstly – and impressively – the performances captured within are the work of just one man. Indeed, Entrapment IS Michael Jonker. He is credited as the sole instrumentalist on Imminent Violent Death and the involvement of additional musicians appears to be for live work only.

On that point, over the years Entrapment have had an active presence on the live circuit, having played shows with the likes of Obituary, Sadistic Intent, Coffins, Sonne Adam, Asphyx and Master.

Which brings us to the second significant aspect of this record – because on 11th May 2019, as part of Graveland Open Air Festival in Hoogeven, the band are booked to play their final show. It appears Entrapment will cease to be an active project after the release of “Imminent Violent Death”.

Knowing that the following songs represent Entrapment‘s final sweep through the savage landscape of death metal, it’s excusable to turn the volume up a little louder and bang your head a little harder.

Indeed, there is a dignified sense of triumph as the album’s first track, Mortality Unleashed comes ripping out of the speakers.

The Sabbath-esque, doom tempo of Incantation of the Grotesque ushers in the driving death metal of Santifying Putrescent and catapults the album into a series of filthy riffs and brooding passages that weave their way through the album’s old school crunch.

Recorded and mixed by Fredde at Dirtybird Studios and mastered at Enormous Door in Texas, Imminent Violent Death sounds as grim and heavy as its title would suggest. Guitars lacerate and the drums have enough weight and attack to induce whiplash.

From a production point of view, Fredde and Jonker have hit the sweet spot between achieving clarity of sound while retaining the energy of live performance. There’s an assured confidence here that ultimately manifests itself in the full throated roar of Jonker’s vocal delivery.  

For an old school death metal album, this release ticks all the necessary boxes. It is heavy and aggressive. It mixes and alternates its delivery, occasionally slowing things to an atmospheric melancholy to counter the relentless ferocity of the faster sections.

A song like Malicious Predominance is a perfect example of how the band can take the listener across the spectrum of heavy metal in just four minutes; featuring a Dimebag style chug in the verses that stand out as a headbanger’s highlight.

Elsewhere, the album’s title track showcases Entrapment at their most tight and technical, but without veering too far away from the brutal delivery you might find on an Entombed or Obituary album.

A special mention should go to Marald Van Haasteren for the compelling and visceral cover art, which completes the package and ensures this as an appealing release for most metalheads.

In summary, Imminent Violent Death is a crushing and credible death metal album and there is plenty on here to warrant repeated listens.

As a swansong, it is one that Michael Jonker should feel justifiably proud of.


Review By Beandog