KVINNA – This Is Türborock

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Argonauta Records
Released: 2019
Buy Album: Bandcamp
Band Website: Bandcamp / Facebook

Band Line-up:

Spyder: Vocals/Bass
Grizzly: Backing vocals/Guitar
Thünderwolf: Backing vocals/Drums

1. Desert Wytch
2. War Machine
3. Nitefighter
4. Flat Tyre
5. Space Vampyres
6. She-Wolves on Fyre
7. The Angry 45
8. Demon Road
9. Gammal Kvinna
10. Full Moon Ryders

When describing their music, Kvinna offer a comparison to an angry mammoth from outer space.

Unable to resist the hyperbole, they go on to explain how they landed in the desert with their Mustang ’68: “Rough, pure, full of energy and set to conquer the world in rattlesnake boots and denim jackets!”

For those looking for a more down-to-earth origin story, the band clarify that they formed in 2015 in Mainz, Germany; cutting their musical teeth via numerous shows across their country. This Is Türborock is their debut release. Recorded in 2017 and laying dormant until the band found a suitable home on Argonauta Records. This release represents their first attempt to capture their high voltage, electric stoner rock in full flow. The band make a point of promising a mixture of punk, classic rock and a big “fuck you” attitude. In their own words – “Pits are about to break loose!”

Sure enough, opening song, Desert Wytch confirms Kvinna as having their roots in the dust and scuffle of fuzzed-out rock n roll. They hit the ground with enough chutzpah to warrant the listener turning the volume up a notch or two.

Second track, War Machine bounces past in less than two minutes of melodic riffing and harmonised solos. It sounds like Thin Lizzy playing the Buzzcocks (or vice versa).

There’s a commercial sensibility that I wasn’t expecting and it appears that Kvinna’s bark is actually a lot worse than their bite. To my ears their music is much friendlier than the “angry mammoth” we were promised… but that is not to say it’s not edgy or worth a listen.

There is a spikiness on tracks like Nitefighter that would go extremely well with whiskey. Flat Tyre charges along with self confidence and She-Wolves On Fyre has an energetic, fist pumping drive that carries enough verve to distract from the fact that This Is Türborock is not breaking any new ground. Instead, it relies on an enthusiastic retelling of tried and tested themes; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For those looking to try before you buy, the single, Demon Road was actually made available several months ago. With its punchy drumming, overdriven guitars and gang choruses, it does a pretty good job of showcasing the band’s no-nonsense celebration of electric rock.

You can watch the video below.

For everyone else, I’d recommend This Is Türborock if you like short, sharp bursts of rachous rock music or you’re looking for something to soundtrack to your next tattoo.

This is Türborock indeed!

Horns up!

Review By Beandog