Belzebubs – Pantheon Of The Nightside Eclipse

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Century Media
Released: 2019
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Band lineup:

Hubbath – vocals, bass
Obesyx – lead guitars
Sløth – guitars, vocals
Samaël – drums

  1. Cathedrals Of Mourning
  2. The Faustian Alchemist
  3. Blackened Call
  4. Acheron
  5. Nam Gloria Lucifer
  6. The Crowned Daughters
  7. Dark Mother
  8. The Werewolf Bride
  9. Pantheon of The Nightside Gods

Was a black metal band centred around animated characters always destined to come to life? The question really matters not now that we have Belzebubs as a functioning band now in existence and, as the mythology around the band entails, we already had since 2002 and we’re now three albums in. All part of the fantasy built from JP Ahonen’s comic strip, we’ve now went well beyond the realms of sanity and have arrived with this nine track album. Only in this current era could such a radical evolution occur. One which clearly has had a lot of thought and effort put into craft everything that is now Belzebubs. A lot of people are now involved in this project, that is certain.

What else is certain is that there is a highly talented team of people behind the band, the music and its animated characters. The musicians themselves are highly skilled and very assured in their craft. Starting with Obesyx on lead guitar who puts some quite phenomenal lead work into the songs on the album. We get some brilliant lead from the first track ‘Cathedrals Of Mourning’ which also serves as a fine introductory track, setting the standards for the album. The drummer Samaël is also very proficent and has a vast range of skills that are implemented throughout. Some of the cymbal fills that come in are excellent like in ‘Blackened Call’ and ‘Nam Gloria Lucifer’.

The production is very pristine, and no wonder though, with a man such as Dan Swanö helping to drive the sound. The end result is quite fantastical, certainly theatrical, with sharp cutting melodies backed by the near endless symphonic sections. There is diversity as well with clean sections both acousticly and vocally such as in ‘The Crowned Daughters’. The following track ‘Dark Mother’ stands as the heaviest track on the album, opening with a ridiculous barrage of thunderous music. All of this culminates to complete the sound behind the band but that’s only part of the story with Belzebubs.

It is a gimmick but the music is still very well refined and, with the animated crossover, I can see it appealing to a large and diverse audience. Belzebubs could be a uniting force that appeals to metal fans from several different ends of the spectrum or it could go all tits up and put people off as it may just be a bit too gimmicky for some purists to stomach. There’s some great music in there so, with that alone, I can see there being some success for the project. Sky’s the limit if it works out so who knows where this will all go but at least we have a solid album here to get things started.

Review By: Pete Mutant