Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: Grey Ghost Records/
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Dan Willett, bassist
Tom Bradshaw, drummer
James Thompson, guitarist and vocalist


1. Witch’s Grip 1:44
2. Liquid Gold 2:08
3. Crestfallen 2:30
4. Blackness 1:23


HEX is the debut release from Birmingham band CREATURE. It’s the first in a trilogy of EPs to be issued over the next 18 months from their own Grey Ghost Records label, recorded with revered UK producer Steve Sears (Gallows, Krokodil) and artwork by UK illustrator Luke Preece (Metallica, Ghost, Ozzy Osbourne). James Thompson, guitarist and vocalist, says “These first three EPs are a statement. A statement that says the art of being a band of humans still exists. You can’t manufacture energy, you can’t manufacture passion, you can’t manufacture raw instrumentation in its purest form. “The advance of modern production is incredible, and has enabled some wonderful art, but the flipside is that the true essence of heavy music is lost. We want to remind people of what raw grit and emotion sounds like. We don’t want it to die and that is why CREATURE exists.” They believe in this because bands are seduced by the allure of processed guitars, triggered drums and quantised production, and they have no click tracks, no samples, no inauthenticity, just the band being real.

The songs are powerful, in-your-face and crushing… just what my ears needed. Harsh, but straightforward vocals, a band just coming at you at full force, hitting you with the power of a bomb is such a delight especially when they are honest and true with their music. Four short, to-the-point songs that are relentless in their urgency and keep you wanting more. “Witch’s Grip” is a fast-paced song on how mental health inhibits personal productivity that keeps your ears on high alert and makes you think about things. “Blackness” is a disturbing tale inspired by a disgusting racist attack on Victor Mlotshwa in post-apartheid South Africa. This is the kind of song that needs to be out there and for people to take action against the horrible things that are still happening.

If this is the beginning, I can’t wait to see where they go from here with the next EP. Grab a copy and start following them today, jump on the bandwagon of real heavy music that this hardcore band is putting out.

Review by Rick Ecker