Handful Of Hate – Adversus

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label [URL]: http://www.code666.net/
Released: May 2019
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Band Website: https://handfulofhateband.altervista.org/site/

handful of hate

Band Line-up:

Nicola Bianchi – Vox/Guitar
Aeternus – Drums
Andrea Toto – Guitar/Bass

  1. An Eagle Upon My Shield (Veteris Vestigia Flammae)
  2. Before Me (The Womb of Spite)
  3. Carved in Disharmony (Void and Essence)
  4. Severed and Reversed (Feudal Attitude)
  5. Down Lower (Men and Ruins)
  6. Celebrate Consume … Burn!
  7. Toward the Fallen Ones (Psalms to Discontinuity)
  8. Thorns to Redemption (Gemendo Germinat)
  9. Idols to Hung
  10. Icons With Devoured Faces

With 26 years in the business under their belt, Handful of Hate has released a total of 6 albums so far, bringing them worldwide credibility. The mission currently is to celebrate their over a quarter of a century of Black Metal with the help of their seventh album “Adversus”.

An Eagle Upon My Shield had a nice swinging groove to it after some general noise, to begin with. It has an overly cohesive feeling with some dark and gravelly vocals and driving drum beats. The flamboyant chord choices with mini bends throughout gave an intelligent feel. Changes in time signature halfway through to give a 6/8 feel were able to give the track a new direction whilst keeping to the sinister tones of the track. On the production side, the sound did feel to continually shift between left and right although through constantly listening to all kinds of music on full blast that could just be me. A fade out was also an odd choice of effect to be utilised on the production side.

Before Me has a very cinematic approach to it, feeling more like a chase scene away from some monsters. The intense use of drums throughout was an impressive touch, however the way they were complimented by the vocals hitting lyrics on every single beat was a bit too robotic for the overall feel of the song, luckily this wasn’t a constant. The drop out included also felt very fake and inorganic.

Carved in Disharmony was again a full-on percussive piece with the static drums giving a bit of a Franz Ferdinand throwback to me.

Severed and Reversed was a track that I could really get stuck into. The ups and downs in pitch make you dizzy with excitement. Bianchi’s vocals were much more evil villain like, less deep and yet more commanding in nature, joined by a more melody-based track and less chord-based one, making room for a technical solo.

Down Lower was a slower track, not anything that majorly stands out until it gets to around 1:30 and gets a real sense of drive and rhythm as opposed to just organised chaos. Again there’s a strong sense of it being melody-based which works in its favour.

The tracks onwards I wasn’t overly fond of, they had elements that were able to stand out but just didn’t feel to work as a cohesive entity for me which was really frustrating to experience. However, this didn’t take away from the first half which was generally enjoyable to listen to.

Review By Megan Duce