New Years Day – Unbreakable

Rating: 4/5
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Released: April 2019
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new years day

Band line-Up:

Ash Costello – vocals
Nikki Misery – guitar
Frankie Sil – bass
Austin Ingerman – lead guitar

  1. Come For Me
  2. Missunderstood
  3. Skeletons
  4. Unbreakable
  5. Shut Up
  6. Done With You
  7. Poltergeist
  8. Break My Body
  9. Sorry Not Sorry
  10. My Monsters
  11. Nocturnal
  12. I Survived

For New Years Day, Unbreakable claims to be a new outlook for the California band. Ashley Costello herself explained this. “We’re stronger than we’ve ever been,” she says. “We set out to write the poppiest metal album or the most metal pop album.”
After a place on the Billboard 200 as well as headlining the Vans Warped Tour, the band had a standard to keep up.

Come For Me had a brighter start, something unexpected but a strong use of riffs. It was a bit treble-y which I was initially unsure about but the catchy chorus and continuously more gravely vocals won me over easily.

Missunderstood was the goth-y track I was waiting for, having me jump up and down in excitement for having been given this album this month. The pullback in with the vocals and generally beautiful chaos worked so nicely. Ashley’s emotive vocals are honestly stunning, bringing such vulnerability to the album.

Skeletons was my favourite on the album, which I don’t think is a shock considering the reception it’s already had from surpassing 1 million streams in November. Again it plays with the vulnerability and comfortability in the vocals and the strip back of instrumentation also reflected that nicely. It was just all around catchy and is still stuck in my head.

Unbreakable had a much deeper and darker feeling with a real sense of power to it. The break was also an impactful touch.

Shut Up makes me thankful for vocals with a strong sense of clarity and crispness. Every single lyric shines through and is sung with such conviction. By the second time around I was singing the pre-chorus.

Done With You definitely had more metal vibes, still a generally good track but wasn’t quite as memorable as the previous two.

Poltergeist was a wonderfully weird one. The children toys music felt straight out of a horror film, making the track name perfect. Once the piano came it became much more soothing with edited vocals giving more of a pop/ pop-punk edge to them. Again it wasn’t a favourite but the sheer emotion alone is something worth appreciating.

Break My Body was a background song for me however the power in the vocals did stand out to me.

Sorry Not Sorry sat in the middle of the album for me.

My Monsters was able to bring me back into the album with its catchy chorus, the ending was also stunning.

Nocturnal brought the metal back again, the use of minors was also a nice touch and made for a catchy track.

I Survived was an interesting conclusion to the album with a brighter sense to it to contrast the album. Finishing it in a sense how it began.

Review By Megan Duce