NYT LIV – EnsomhedensKoldeKald

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Indisciplinarian/http://indisciplinarian.com/indiscsite/
Released: 2019
Buy Album [URL]: http://indisciplinarian.com/indiscsite/product/nyt-liv-ensomhedens-kolde-kald-vinyl/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/nytlivband/

Band line-up:

Michael BenborgAagesen – Vocals
Martin Goltermann – Cuitar
SørenHvidt – Bass
Simon Erlendsson – Drums

  1. Kniven
  2. BlodetSkygger
  3. Aske OgBlod
  4. FortidensTæsk
  5. DetSkal Du NokBlive
  6. Løgne
  7. StilleIkkeDød
  8. Ingen Fast Form
  9. FarvelTilFornuften
  10. Lys

Copenhagen based hardcore combo NYT LIV is releasing their debut album Ensomhedens Kolde Kald (The Cold Calling of Solitude) with ten songs of intensity and a lyrical field of social indignation. NYT LIV was formed in 2016 and subsequently recorded the debut EP Livet Brænder (Life is Burning), which was released August 2017. As on the debut EP, NYT LIV’s debut album is recorded with Jacob Bredahl producing and Brad Boatright (Modern Life Is War, Nails) mastering. NYT LIV’s singer and lyricist Michael Aagesen composes a straightforward and simple Danish poetry and the songs touch upon subjects such as loneliness, abuse, love and suicide.

Lots of power and energy on this album, you can hear the raw emotion coming through the anguished vocals and the blistering playing from the band. With lyrics not in English, I really don’t know what is being said, but from what I have read, they are quite good and heartfelt. The band really rips through these songs, with “Løgne” being a short shot to the throat… loved it. Raw and uncompromising is what you get on these tracks, nothing dainty or pretty, just a straightforward rush of adrenaline. “Ingen Fast Form” and “Farvel Til Fornuften” were two more tracks that really caught my ears with their intensity.

While putting a lot of effort into this debut, a bit of it sounds a little too same-sounding for me, but that’s a minor complaint since the album is actually pretty damn good. The playing and production are great and for that, this one is a keeper and will sound great blasting out of your speakers and into the garden on a warm day.

Review by Rick Ecker