Stahlmann – Kinder Der Sehnsucht

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: March 2019
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Band Line-up:

Martin “Mart” Soer – Vocals & Programmings
Mario Sobotka – Guitars
Eugene “Gene” Getman – Bass
Dimitrios “Tacki” Gatsios – Drums

  1. Vom Himmel Verloren
  2. Wahrheit Oder Pflicht
  3. Die Besten
  4. Mein Leben Fällt
  5. Kinder Der Sehnsucht
  6. Schliess Deine Augen
  7. Hörst Du Wie Mein Herz Schlägt
  8. Regen
  9. Wenn Du Gehst (feat. Blue May Rose)
  10. Sinnlich
  11. Die Besten (AMIworx Remix)

German band Stahlmann has brought out their newest album “Kinder Der Sehnsucht“ with the aim of breaking open some genre borders and stereotypes for their 11th year on the music scene. Their debut back in 2010 made an impression on the German music market with the next “Quecksilber” entering the Top 40 German album charts.

The album generally incorporates bright sounding chords and atmospheric elements to really set a scene. Intriguing choices of chords with movement in the bass made Wahrheit Oder Pflicht a stand out favourite for me. Creepy child voices being utilised also made it a significant track, in what sense I’m not entirely sure.

Die Besten had some bolder more pop-punk vibes to it, giving a brighter sense of tone which I liked with the deep, rough vocals in contrast to it.

Mart’s very strong accent brings a dark sexiness to each and every track. The whispering vocals in Mein Leben Fällt with added electronic vibes make for a quietly dramatic atmosphere.

Kinder Der Sehnsucht’s tone used in the song mixed with the vocals was a strange choice, to say the least, and due to this, it was the only thing to really make note of.

Schliess Deine Augen like Mein Leben Fällt incorporates the cooler electronic elements, meshing with the guitars smoothly along with the vocals in a higher pitch, giving room to put some real power into it.

Hörst Du Wie Mein Herz Schlägt and Regen were both tracks again that didn’t particularly stand out in comparison to the previous tracks, bringing nothing to rave about nor anything overly noteworthy for me.

Wenn Du Gehst has a starkly different sense to it than any of the other tracks featured on this album, with a softer tone to bring light the stunning vocals by Blue May Rose. Mart’s vocals when singing are beautiful also, bringing a new sense of depth to him that the other songs just don’t bring to the table in the same way. It doesn’t really fit in with the other songs but I’m grateful that it’s made an appearance on the tracklist.

Sinnlich just confirmed the thoughts from the start and the feeling that something is missing in each song, whether like this it was some extra power in the drums or some added use of emotion in the vocals, luckily the second chorus had some form of feeling brought into the mix.

The Die Besten remix didn’t really feel like anything special, it was very middle of the road for me. I could have it on in the background and feel fairly impartial but it’s nothing inventive or groundbreaking which is something that remixes should be.

Review By Megan Duce