Bangover – Shovel Butcher

Rating: 3/5
Released: January 2019
Distributor/label [URL]:  Self release
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Band line-up:

Andreas Morelli – Lead Vocals
Alex Comley – Bass/Backing Vocals
Jack Taylor – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Scott Grimble – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Marco Antonio – Drums


1. Beer Death Experience
2. Blood Of Brakus
3. Grand Moff Tarkin
4. Palindrome
5. No Prisoners
6. Floss Or Die
7. Shovel Butcher


Bangover originally formed in 2011, releasing a debut EP titled ‘Divine Command Theory’ the next year. The band have since continued touring throughout the country, juggling the writing of new material as they go.

Shovel Butcher is the latest addition to their repertoire featuring seven tracks of thrash, punk and just generally heavy goodness.
Starting the album with a seven-minute track did make my eyes roll into the back of my head momentarily, however the riff definitely piqued my interest. The harmonies in it especially managed to draw me in. Punk elements were very quickly established in the vocals with repetitive but strong lyrical content.

The other tracks weren’t quite as strong for me, featuring similar elements and generally just didn’t hit the mark quite as much. Blood of Brakus had some good use of backing vocals with a deeper pitch in main vocals but nothing else stood out to me in a major sense.

Grand Moff Tarkin I didn’t like with the use of 6/8. It gave an oddly equestrian feel and it wasn’t enjoyable when the song came out of the time signature either. The style just didn’t seem to work as well. The use of the Imperial March at the end was appreciated though.

Palindrome wasn’t a standout favourite of mine but No Prisoners had a nice use of solo at the end with lyrical content coming through, setting a desert scene for listeners. The changes in and out of time signatures was an odd choice for this particular track also but it made for a smooth and cohesive ending.

Floss or Die was a strange one. I’m not sure if much else really needs to be said for a song beginning with a clip telling you that lack of flossing may kill you. It’s difficult to concentrate on much else but the lyrics, which is the same for most of the album but especially this.

Shovel Butcher, despite being the title track again felt to be slightly on the missable side although it did have a nice use of riffs.

As an album, it wasn’t horrible. But it also wasn’t groundbreaking for me. Elements of good songwriting are there but it didn’t feel entirely there which was frustrating.

Review by Megan Duce