Mechanical God Creation – The New Chapter

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: The Goatmancer
Released: March 2019
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1. The New Chapter
2. I Am the Godless Man
3. Till the Sun Is No Longer Black
4. Walking Dead
5. Before the Dawn (pt.I)
6. Overlord (pt.II)
7. What Remains (pt. III)
8. Black Faith
9. Dark Echoes
10. Bow to Death
11. Warface
12. Red Blood on White Snow

Band Line-up:

Lucy – Vocals
Jesus – Bass
Francesco – Guitar
Mirko – Lead Guitar
Carlo – Drums


This album is heavy as fuck. It’s a bit too much at times I would say. There are elements in songs where things just don’t seem to sound quite right. It’s not too bad and I think you’d have to be extremely focused to notice, but I think the tuning between the guitars and the bass clash a little too much and there are times when the guitar is shredding a riff so quick that it just feels like less would be more.

This Italian band have been on the scene for quite a while now, and having toured with the likes of Behemoth and playing festivals with Kreator and DragonForce the band have made quite the name for themselves.

Most of the songs have quite a lot of variation between them and there are plenty of licks and solos to satisfy your needs, but for me, the stand out track was What Remains (Pt. III). This song was slow, soft and gentle. The piano, almost electro-acoustic guitar and deep bass gave some dimension to the album and was a welcomed break from the harsh tracks. A purely instrumental track with an absolutely killer solo thrown into the mix, it was by far the most dynamic track on the album and my favourite.

This album starts harsh, loud and heavy and ends with a trail off on a pretty nifty bass solo – who doesn’t love one of those?


Review by

Courtney Solloway