LVCIFYRE – Sacrament

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

T.Kaos – guitars/vocals
Menthor – drums and percussion
Cvltvs – bass
J. Goat – live guitar


1. The Greater Curse
2. Deaths Head in Crown
3. Shadowy Wing
4. Sacrament
5. Morderca


Lvcifyre are a UK blackened death metal band on Dark Descent Records. They will be releasing their first material in five years, in the form of their EP ‘Sacrament’. It consists of four new original tracks and a cover version of ‘Morderca’, originally by Polish thrash metal act, Kat. The release may be only 23 minutes long, but it is filled with insane, cacophonous goodness. It goes where many bands of the same genre fear to tread. 

Even for death/black metal this stuff is pretty horrifying. The tempos range from moderate to completely ridiculous and the drumming is as violent as hell. Whilst the contrasting tempos that can change at any point create a sense of shock and surprise at first, the whole stopping and starting thing gets a bit predictable, though. The screams are tortured and the chord progressions are hateful. Whilst the guitars are great at creating a sense of general unhappiness, it would be nice if they played more interesting parts, though. 

Such instruments are mainly limited to power chords and speed picking. They’re not exactly memorable in the same way the riffs in ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ are. However, the spooky atmospheres Lycifyre create with hisses, surprisingly tasteful, mixed solo instruments and various noises is refreshing. In terms of the dense production, ‘City’ by Strapping Young Lad springs to mind. However, it should be noted that Lvcifyre’s material isn’t as complex and intelligent as SYL’s stuff.   

In conclusion, if you like music most would call ‘mental’ or simply a racket, this is for you. Some similar bands have the habit of sounding a little silly because they’re so over the top, but against all reason the band in question have come up with many ideas that are highly effective. You won’t get too much that is thoughtful here, but you will get a twisted sense of fun. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann