Sister Shotgun – Fragments

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor / Label: Pavement Music
Released: April 2019
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Band Line Up:
Chloe Ozwell: Vocals
Benji Tatlock: Guitar
Niall Wills: Guitar
Tim Chambers: Bass
Dave Harvey: Drums
Track Listing:

1. Sacred Heart 3:56
2. She Lives 4:11
3. From The Ashes 4:00
4. Fragments 4:56
5. Miss Fortune 3:45
6. For the Love of Hate 5:00
7. Kill the Lights 5:08
8. Silhouettes 5:07
9. Mourning Iris 4:35
10. Scorn 5:40


Following on from the success of their 5 track EP ‘Devour’, released in 2017, and having been picked up for a multi album deal by Pavement Entertainment, Sister Shotgun release their debut full length album ‘Fragments’, an absolute powerhouse of a record full of heavy riffs, melodic hooks and immense vocals.

The Birmingham-based band were formed over a few years starting in 2012 with guitarist and songwriter Niall Wills, who brought in classically trained singer and songwriter Chloe Ozwell, with her immense range and edgy vibe. They added Dave Harvey on drums, Tim Chambers on the bass, and Benji Tatlock their lead guitarist finalised their line up in 2018. An eclectic group, all with different musical influences which create a well-rounded and opulent sound.

Every track has a real punch to it, there is a richness to singer Chloe Ozwell’s voice that compliments the strong musical talents of her counterparts and makes for a total package.

Opener and single ‘Sacred Heart’ showcases their many talents perfectly, it’s got grit and beauty all in one; Chloe’s incredible range and haunting tone are wonderful to listen to and the guitars are heavy and melodic – get you, a band who does both – and then some!

There is a fluidity between tracks, each song has perfect placement in its dynamic, where there is a soft lull it’s brought back up in a wonderful wave of high energy, shifting energies seemingly effortlessly. Title track ‘Fragments’ has a soft intro and then floats in and out of heavier guitars and an emotional vocal performance with a guitar solo for good measure. Every song takes the listener on a journey between light and dark, and Chloe being classically trained really lends to the style and feel of the album, there are many facets to her sound which bring amazing diversity.

Stand out tracks that really showcase the bands varied backgrounds include ‘Kill the Lights’, a hard hitting, fast paced track with real power behind it, and slower, more floaty track ‘For The Love Of Hate’, which explores the softer aspects of her voice and has an awesome guitar solo to really fill it out from Benji Tatlock, who is clearly a perfect fit.

Every musical aspect is executed so well and really crafted and well balanced, everyone playing their part to a high standard. Teaming up with producer Romesh Dodangoda has been a smart match for them and has really elevated them to a high standard.

This album is proof that taking time to hone your craft and gather the right combination of minds and talents really does pay off . They already sound like a well-seasoned force to be reckoned with and this is a strong footing to begin on!

Review By:

Rebecca Bush