Enter 6 – Black Dolphin

Rating: 3.0/5
Distributor/label: Self-release
Released: March 2019
Buy Album: https://www.amazon.com/Black-Dolphin-Explicit-Enter-6/dp/B07QBBNMKN
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/enter6official

Band line-up:

Alex Vexler – Guitar/Vocals
Andrija Skocic – Drums
Peter Beard – Bass


1. Director 2:52
2. Hate Blame 2:55
3. My Withered Hands 3:47
4. Precious 4:43
5. Those Like Me 3:07
6. I Walk Alone 3:11
7. All For Nothing 2:33
8. Lost 2:31
9. The Bitter End 3:12
10. Shamed 3:56


A band who’s no stranger to hard work, Sydney-based Enter 6 have bided their time and taken their time to write an album of true heavy metal.

This album has enough brutal riffs to put the likes of Slayer to shame. Starting slow into the album before a massive kick in the jaw is Director. A magnificent beast that is not likely to be tamed. A running theme within the album.

There’s almost something very punk about this album: its raw intensity and its ‘cut the bullshit’-like attitude. It’s very quick and punchy with its starts in every song rather than an introductory riff or lick. But unlike punk, there are breakdowns galore here. The only exception to this punchy intro, to me, is Shamed. A very chuggy and staggering track with a lot of stop and start going on. I understand the effect the band are going for but I’m not sure if it was executed as well as it could have been.

I would say that this is an album worth listening to, and whilst I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but feel it needed just a little more polishing, even though it was worth the wait. I think for me it is the vocals that could use a little work, simply because they are so harsh they almost sound off with the rest of the music. Instrumentally the album is great. It’s not that the vocals themselves are bad, I just don’t believe they bond very well with the music.

Review by

Courtney Solloway