Gates To The Morning – Return To Earth

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: Self-released/
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Sean Meyers – Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Composition
Mark Glaser – Lead Guitars
Jon Lopez – Acoustic and Classical Guitars, Fretless Bass
Dylan Jacobus – Bass
Meg Moyer – Vocals
Ædan McEvoy – Lever Harp, Live Keyboards
Anthony Gobeille – Studio Keyboards and Synthesizers


1. King Obscure
2. Terra Incognita
3. Surveying Forgotten Landscapes
4. My Star
5. Crossing The Abyss
6. Freezing the Sundials
7. Chapel Perilous
8. Crestfallen
9. Haunting The Third Chamber
10. Chasing Shadows
11. Two Winters
12. Steadfast
13. Rekindled
14. Return to Earth


Gates To The Morning are a New Jersey post-black metal band driven by the singular vision of Sean Meyers. It all started as a bedroom black metal project. Whilst still attending Montclair State University for Jazz Performance, Meyers started to collect material in 2016 for what would become the band’s debut, Return To EarthReturn To Earth is a concept album with lyrics orbiting around the twin concepts of challenge and triumphs, the pitfalls and mountaintops found on a journey of awakening and enlightenment.

The band sure can weave together some beautiful sounds, as well as some heavy and in-your-face pounding that will get your head banging for sure. “Freezing the Sundials” is a standout with the cleaner and more traditional metal sound, it really made me hit repeat, but rest assured, the more screamed vocals do appear and add to this song. The vocals are more of the screamed style for most of the songs, but they are pretty good and don’t get super deep and gruff, just edgy enough to give the songs the anger that they need. “Surveying Forgotten Landscapes” is an instrumental and was just fantastic, lilting, but still had a nice rocking sound that blew me away. “Chapel Perilous” is a slow song that is beautiful and has great vocals. “Chasing Shadows” is another song that has that traditional metal sound, but with just clean vocals and I loved it.

With songs that go from heavy to instrumental to slower, you get a great range that will appeal to a lot of people. The band is tight, plays with heart and the only real complaint is that the drums are a little too tappity-tappity and really could have been better produced. All-in-all, a good release.

Review by Rick Ecker