Slomatics – Canyons

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Black Bow Records/
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Chris – Guitars
David – Guitars
Marty – Drums/Vocals


1. Gears Of Despair 10:04
2. Cosmic Guilt 4:34
3. Seven Echoes 1:20
4. Telemachus My Son 8:24
5. Beyond The Canopy 8:14
6. Arms Of The Sun 2:17
7. Mind Fortresses On Theia 6:04
8. Organic Caverns II 7:31


Formed in Belfast in late 2004, Slomatics aim to “reduce riffs to a primal state of heaviness, to produce music which whilst imploding under its own weight, creates a joyous and euphoric state of wellbeing which can only be obtained with a slew of vintage amplifiers, fuzz pedals, analog synths and an alarming array of percussion instruments.” They have gone through a bunch of UK tours, gigs in Europe, five albums and a mountain of split/vinyl/cassette releases. The band said, “Having completed a trilogy of albums we felt free to roam with this one, and have explored the edges of our sound more than ever before.”

The album is heavy, as heavy as lead, but not a zeppelin. You can hear the Sabbath influence in their music which is tight, although a bit plodding at times. The vocals are shouted but buried a bit too deep into the mix to stand out very much. The first two songs are a little same-sounding but the third track, “Seven Echoes” gives things a bit of a punch that is appreciated. The guitar playing is intense, with thick riffs and the heaviness that comes through is just mind-boggling. The songs do at times go on for a bit longer than needed, but the band can play with expertise that still will thrill, regardless of the length of the songs. The instrumental “Arms Of The Sun,” is a great interlude and I really enjoyed it a lot. Then right back with a vengeance, “Mind Fortresses On Theia” comes at you with the power of an explosion and is a definite standout. Closer, “Organic Caverns II” starts out like something that would be on an old horror movie from the ’50s and then you get the heavy and thick sound back to end the album on a high.

While having a few things that held it back a bit, the band put out an album that will give fans something to play over and over again. Just make sure you set the low end right or you might blow out your speakers.

Review by Rick Ecker