Plastic – Drink Sensibly

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2019
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Band Line-up:

Matt Awbery – Lead vocals


1.) Munchies
2.) Lovesick
3.) Spit


English rockers Plastic are here with a short, 3-song EP, Drink Sensibly. Given the raucous antics on display within, I doubt they followed their own advice.

What follows is a trio of songs that almost feel like they’re exploring a small selection of punk styles. “Munchies” is vintage hardcore, relying on the same style and approach as Black Flag or some of The Exploited’s older material. It’s short, loud and effective. “Lovesick” shifts into a bit more of a post-punk/Goth rock area, with more emphasis on moody melody, though still maintaining some of the cacophonous tendencies of the first track. It even throws in some vocal melodies that call to mind classic grunge. Final track “Spit” goes very much back to basics, and feels even more classic punk rock than the opener. It’s that old-school mentality of straightforward, brash rocking out with no frills, albeit with modern production quality.

Of the three on offer here, “Spit” is probably the most effective, finding that good balance between discordance and hooks that has served so many past artists so well. “Lovesick” and “Munchies” feel a tad more typical in their approach. Not that “Spit” is breaking any moulds, but it captures enough of a fun spirit that it keeps your mind off that.

Still, none of the songs here are bad by any means. If Drink Sensibly suffers from anything, it’s maybe a lack of distinct identity of its own. It feels very much like a ‘play the hits’ kind of EP: enjoyable, but not leaving an especially clear mark of the band. Still, for big punk fans it might prove a more satisfying listen.


Review by:

Kieron Hayes