Satan Takes A Holiday – A New Sensation

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label [URL] Despotz Records
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Fred Burman – guitar, lead vocals
Johannes Lindsjöö – bass guitar, vocals
Danne McKenzie – drums, backing vocals


1. A New Sensation
2. Unicorn
3. Set me on Fire
4. Hell is Here
5. Sessions and Cash
6. Pilot
7. Girls
8. I Believe What I see (If I see in my Feed)
9. Kingslayer
10. Blow


I’ll get straight to the point and say I did not enjoy this new Hard Rock release from a Stockholm based band who describe themselves as ‘tough, ironic and dead serious’. That is something you might find a little off-the-wall when it comes to regular Hard Rock and Indie music, but when it’s a band whose name sounds like a joke, the seriousness doesn’t stick around for long.

Satan Takes A Holiday’s fifth studio album ‘A New Sensation’ is about as sensational as phoning a company and enjoying the hold music blasted in your ear for hours on end. To begin with, the music starts with a feeling of boring Biker Metal that you eventually think of as the type of rock to veg out to and have in your ears just for entertainment and not to open your mind.

Predictable, is how I would describe the whole of this studio release, though things do begin to sound a little more promising on ‘Hell is Here’ from the inclusion of Swedish singer Tess De La Cour, whose voice adds a slightly different edge to the song, but this is soon lost and this band begin to sound like a Black Stone Cherry knock-off once again.

This might be the album for you if you dig Hard Rock in the style of Kiss, whom the band have toured with, but if you want Biker-style music that gives you more than just a regular rock sound, I wouldn’t put this band past you.

Give Satan Takes a Holiday a try if you are into Biker Metal, but don’t expect much in terms of substance.

Review by Demitri Levantis