The Ballet – Matchy Matchy

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label [URL] Fika Recordings
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Greg – All Instruments & Vocals
Craig – All Instruments & Vocals


1. Looking
2. Jersey
3. But I’m a Top
4. I’ve Been Wondering
5. Love Letter
6. Your Boyfriend
7. 20
8. Messing Around
9. Cry Baby
10. First Time in a Gay Bar
11. Am I Dreaming?
12. You’re Mine


Initially, when handed this album to review, I was going to expect something very bland and predictable as the genre Indie Pop has never appealed to me and even led me to believe Rock music was well and truly dead when it was everywhere in the mid to late noughties. So, at first, I wasn’t happy to be reviewing The Ballet’s fourth album: Matchy Matchy, until I finally put it on.

How very wrong I was, for this duo all the way from New York have fashioned an interesting way of marrying expressive DIY Indie music with some very pleasant and soothing instrumentation such as calm, serene chimes and percussion that can make you feel relaxed after an anxious moment.

If I were to describe the best time of day or place to listen to this record, then a warm summer’s afternoon surrounded by trees and fields springs to mind, or in the evenings when you want to relax after long day at work, so if they were the kinds of settings these blokes had in mind when writing the album, they’ve definitely achieved their goal.

However, the main thing about this album that deserves a great deal of credit is the exploration of LGBTQ themes, as this band is comprised of two gay men and the press release explained the album’s content dealt with member Greg and the issues faced in maintaining an open relationship with his boyfriend. The ability to express something serious while maintaining the pleasant humility of a project like this means The Ballet know what they’re doing, as they know their audience well and want them to be informed as well as entertained.

The Ballet is a serious-minded group who’ve brought important themes faced by their community to the forefront of Indie Pop and have achieved the ability to be outspoken as well as welcoming and modest to new listeners. Overall, I was extremely impressed with their work on all levels, they have made the Indie Pop sceptic in me question the merits of the genre and have told me that LGBTQ themes are still strong in the Indie world making it a safe space. Excellent job.

Review by Demitri Levantis