DARCHON – Mercenary Musik

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: http://www.mercenarymusik.com
Released: 2019
Buy Album: https://darchonofficial.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR1pJ8dkV_g0Jm_gTWnzHMfrHMdr-Ex8iQlwIv1k4kabkgVH2YfnjY14rYk
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Darchonofficial/

Band Line-up:



1. Nyx Melena 16:36
2. Moros 13:02
3. Astron Uranion leron Selas 14:18
4. lonos 6:06






Darchon is a one man solo project released in spring this year by Mercenary Musik. Darchon describes his flavour of black metal as cosmic atmospheric black metal. Coming from Greece the sound is very reminiscent of Scandinavian black metal. The first song Nyx Melena is very long and repatitive. I do not mind long songs but it really was repetitive in both halves. It starts off with the sound of storms and then you get hit by a wall of sound with screeching growls. The vocals are pretty buried in the music and this was likely the intent. They are not meant to stand out particularly but be another part of the instrumentation and atmosphere. There is plenty of synths providing some atmospheric melody but it was a long slog to get through this song. It’s basically a song I could play in the background but I felt it dragged on. It ends with some spoken incantations and the synths fade away.

Second song Moros starts with a very simple electric guitar riff and more eerie atmospheric synths. Drums and barely audible growls come in. I am definitely getting some Burzum influence from this song. It starts off pretty good but again falls into the trap of repetitiveness and drags on. Again another ending with spoken incantations in I assume greek which sound really cool as the song dies down with a guitar solo.

Astron Uranion leron Selas starts right away without any gradual build up. Another song that gives me Burzum vibes in the style of guitar riffs. Though another long slog I can barely keep my attention focused. The final song Lonos is a complete departure from the first 3. It gives me Tangerine Dream vibes like an eerie cosmic dreamscape. It’s full on synth music and only instrumental. There are no vocals, guitars or drums to be heard. While it’s a short 6 minute and 6 second track again it’s pretty repetitive. Mostly the same chords and melodies played repeatedly. It changes only ever so slightly in key in the final quarter of the song as it fades away.

Overall this album of 4 songs is ok but for me it was just as I said many a time repetitive. It was difficult to hold my attention. It’s not bad for being created by one artist but I found myself easily distracted by other things and it was difficult to hold my attention to the music. I had hoped for more of this described cosmic atmosphere but it felt like huge walls of sound and there was little variation. Nothing really grabbed my attention until the last song but even that quickly became repetitive and boring and was more like a background song for a fantasy film soundtrack. I had hoped to like this a bit more but I could only listen through it once and I can not see myself listening to it again. So it gets a 2.5 out of 5 rating. This is the kind of music I could only listen to if it’s in the background while I am cleaning and doing menial tasks.