Darkcell – Darkcell

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: https://www.facebook.com/RTDRECORDS/
Released: 2019
Buy Album: http://www.smarturl.it/darkcell
Band Website : https://www.darkc3ll.com/

Band Line-up:

Jesse Dracman – Vocals
Postmortem Matt – Guitar
Rit Derelict – Bass
Jay Macabre – Drums
Guest Musicians
Lindsay Schoolcraft
Johnathan Devoy



1. La Chambre Des Cauchemars
2. The Great Big Nothing
3. Reign Of The Monsters
4. Burn The Witches
5. Scars And Stripes
6. Godless
7. Night Rider
8. Carnevil
9. Hail To The Freaks
10. Sold My Soul
11. Midnight



Formed in 2010 from Austrailia Darkcell comes to us with their full length self titled album Darkcell. Darkcell is a band that presents us music with many familiar influences from Ministry, Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails and Avenged Sevenfold. Admittedly while I am still a fan of classic industrial and industrial metal this album was a little bit all over the place. It had a Nu Metal and at times screamo sound which was not working for me. They are part of the current generation of bands like Motionless in White and Wednesday 13. They mix very dark and gothic themes and style with some industrial metal. They have a decent roster of guest artists join them in this album. Skold (Marylin Manson/KMFDM), Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), KidCrusher, and Johnathan Devoy.

The album is well produced and polished. The band has talent and plenty of creative ideas. They also organise their own festival in Australia Psycho Circus Festival. With this release they offer up plenty of limited edition goodies for fans including Tarot Cards, photobooks, and hand signed items. They are very stylish and take advantage of the trends these days with occult imagery in the scene. Musically it is a solid album even if I am not so much into this style of music as I used to be. They are solid musicians and put forth an album worth giving a listen.

A song I really enjoyed was “Godless” as it was dark, angry and something I can relate to. “Carnevil“ was a fun one to listen to with great guitar riffs, “Midnight” and “Scars and Stripes” were also great tracks I really enjoyed. They had more of an industrial sound that I enjoy. Some tracks like “Burn the Witches” were a little chaotic and had a lot of samples in them. BtW was ok though. Again though some of the songs especially in the beginning were a bit on the Nu Metal and screamo sounding side as with “Reign of the Monsters”. I was unsure at times if I could get into this album but with a couple listens I was like ‘it’s not so bad’. I just never got too much into similar bands like Motionless in White and Wednesday 13. When I was younger I would have likely been a bigger fan of the combined music and imagery. I give this a 3.5 out of 5 and recommend it if you like this kind of music and even if you do not you might find yourself surprised that you can enjoy a few tracks.