Nucleus – Entity

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2019
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Band Line-up:

Dave Muntean -Vocals, Guitars
Dan Ozcanli -Vocals, Guitars
Ryan Reynolds -Bass
Pat O’Hara –Drums


1 Arrival 6:32
2 Entity 4:30
3 Uplift 5:09
4 Mobilization 4:49
5 Approach 3:30
6 Outpost 3:51
7 Dominion 5:40
8 Timechasm 4:25



From Chicago Nucleus releases their follow up Album to Sentient with more sci-fi inspired technical death metal. The entire concept and sound of this album is purely like a nightmarish brutal alien invasion made of music. 8 tracks of technical death metal with heavy riffs, grooving bass and aggressive blast beats but with an extra terrestrial theme. While this album offers a different flavour they also do provide in your face dirty classic death metal sounds that should appeal to many fans of the genre.

They are technical but not so much progressive but you can still expect great complexity in their songs yet not so much depth. It’s pretty straight forward with the theme and styles. There are little atmospheric moments with clean vocals and creepy alienesque chanting. There are great moments with contrast between the technical elements, aggressive drumming, beautiful bass grooves and guttural growling. Timechasm is slower in tempo and very foreboding and ominous. It’s a bit like doom metal with a spacey flavour. The album is well produced and the playing is tight. It is definitely high energy and the album has a solid concept and theme.

You start with a “Arrival” which gives a lengthy dark intro and then the blasts and aggressive guitar riffs come and take you into what to expect throughout the album. I give it a 4/5. They have a great old school death metal sound but with an interesting concept which they put a sci-fi spin on. They know what they are all about and deliver it with passion.