Golden Ashes – Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2019
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Maurice De Jong



1. The all consuming light of the eternal death 5:02
2. Sweltering and swarming towards infinity 5:25
3. Gold are the ashes of the restorer 4:07
4. An abstraction of the abyss 04:17
5. Drifting slowly through the portal of sorrow towards the void of death 04:14
6. Wanderer of the eternal forest 5:22
7. Seven bodies before I reach divinity 4:25
8. The charred gates of benevolence 4:56




Gold Are The Ashes of the Restorer is a journey not for the easily distracted. This is synth heavy droning, atmospheric black metal. A solo project by Maurice De Jong called Golden Ashes under label Aurora Borealis records. The album is a journey musically expressing hopelessness, fear, loneliness, aggression and each song is packed with technical elements that together form a very complex arrangement of atmospheric metal. The vocals are subdued and harsh raspy growls blend in with the instruments.

The good thing is none of the songs are too long or drag on because with this particular genre of metal with the droning it would quickly become very repetitive and boring. There is also enough variation in melodies to make the songs flow. The synths are dark and brooding yet rather high in key. The tracks on this album are not heavy in bass. There’s an almost surreal cosmic element to the songs with the synths. It really departs from most genres of black metal even among other atmospheric bands. I would say it’s more post black and definitely on the experimental side. Several songs like “Drifting slowly through the portal of sorrow towards the void of death” are mostly just synth with no guitars, drums or vocals to be heard. The song titles can be quite long and descriptive. This band is not going for catchy sounding songs or trying to appeal to mainstream metal music. This album is definitely personal and reflects a lot of the artist’s own deep thoughts.

If you want to listen to something a bit different and enjoy a mixture of metal and synths then this album is for you. It’s beautifully composed, produced and I respect any musician that can hold their own and create their art not to appeal to the masses but express themselves how they wish. I give this album a 4 out of 5 rating. Not bad at all. Despite the gloomy song titles I personally found the music relaxing and interesting.