Sandness – Untamed

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Mark Denkley  - Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals 
Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals 
Robby Luckets  - Guitars, lead and backing vocals  

Track Listing: 

1. Life’s a Thrill 
2. Tyger Bite 
3. London 
4. Never Givin’ Up 
5. Easy 
6. Pyro 
7. Radio Show 
8. Tell Me Tell Me 
9. Only The Youth 
10. The Deepest Side Of Me 
11. Until It’s Over





Vocalist/guitarist Robby Luckets comments:”‘Untamed’ is a very melodic hard and heavy album. The people who are acquainted with our sound and that are waiting for our comeback won’t be disappointed. At the same time, this album can also be appreciated by people who have never heard our music or specific genre. We tried to keep a sound with more variety and add catchier, more modern songs mixed with heavier and sleazier ones. We also think that this album shows how much we have grown as musicians and as a band, even though we are sure there’s plenty more to learn and to explore.”

And bassist Mark Denkley adds:”If you compare this album to the previous one, one of the first things you notice is that Untamed is more straight  forward, shorter and more light hearted: the main thing we want is for people to have fun when they listen to it. Most of the lyrics are about partying and enjoying life in general. However, you will still find some songs with a deeper meaning. We have one against bullying, one about finding the strength to fight back when life gives you lemons, and one about keeping the good rock’n’roll spirit alive through the younger generations.”

Kicking things off with ‘Life’s a thrill’, Sandness drag us kicking and screaming back into the wonderful world of 80s hard rocking glam rock. The chorus follows the tried and tested formula of anthemic, hard hitting energy and ticks all the boxes. While the chorus carries the song firmly on its back, the verse structure does unfortunately let the track down slightly but does not detract from the overall positive experience Sandness bring to the table.

‘Tyger Bite’ does not fail to deliver a wonderful follow-up to track one, once again giving us the glam rock melodies we have grown so fond of. The second track definitely feels a lot more refined than the opener in terms of lyric structure and the breakdown of each part of the track. Close your eyes and transport yourself back in time with a Tyger Bite! ( woah! )

The album continues its path through what feels like a glam’s greatest hits record, which while it is an entertaining experience, running through the high-octane anthemic tracks down to the heartfelt ballads, it is a sombre reminder that the genre is stuck in the same loop, struggling to bring a refreshing take to the hair-spray doused category.

While the album is a thoroughly good, easy-listening experience which has clearly had a great deal of passion poured into it, it would absolutely benefit from a higher production value to really hit home those kick-drums and anthemic vocals that we need to get our hearts rating.

As a big fan of the glam movement I couldn’t help but feel like it didn’t quite hit the mark, all of the elements are here and most importantly it has a real heart to it, however there is definitely that one final spritz of something that’s missing and would turn this record from a good one to an incredible one.

It’s a strong effort and the guys from Italy that form Sandness clearly know their stuff and are keeping a genre alive to the ears that want to hear it, and they keep it alive and kicking!

“Tyger Bite”can be viewed at the following link:

Review by Rebecca Bush