Nuitville – When The Darkness Falls

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2019
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Band line-up

Tristan Nuit – Everything



1. When The Darkness Falls
2. Cold Water
3. Recueillement (Amesoeurs Cover)


Nuitville is a solo blackgaze project from Ukraine, created by musician and artist, Tristan Nuit. ‘When The Darkness Falls’ is his debut EP which will be released through Ashen Dominion on June 10th. It is dedicated to the night and its calmness and certainly has an eerie feel. The idea of it began in 2012, but the three finished songs were recorded from 2015 to 2018. The artwork was drawn in 2019. 

It’s not every day you hear aggressive blast beats, guitars and bass with clean, even gentle and dreamy singing. However, you get a good helping of such vocals on the first and second tracks ‘When Darkness Falls’ and ‘Cold Water’ and to a lesser extent, the closing song. The fusion works so well, you may ask yourself why evil looking and probably evil smelling black metal vocalists (not including Nuit) don’t sing in such a way more often. (Well it’s because the concept sounds weird, doesn’t it? Self-explanatory, really). Sure, the idea of a cross between Darkthrone and Deftones (sort of) could well put you off immediately, but without such artists the world wouldn’t be such a colourful and crazy place to live.

The lack of vocal melody on the closer isn’t too much of a problem however, as the surprisingly consonant and pleasing harmony (relatively) and lashings of reverb frequently experienced in the EP provide a fair amount of atmosphere on their own. Not only that, all instruments work together as one, in a similar way to ambient BM experts Drudkh’s music, suggesting the composer really knows his theory. It’s very easy for untrained people to throw a load of stuff together and it not make sense, but that’s far from what you get, here. Having said that, the drums are sometimes a little on the distracting side, slightly spoiling the surreal moods. But then again, this is blackgaze not the far lighter shoegaze, so who really cares?

In conclusion, this stuff is kind of different to what most extreme metal fans will be familiar with, which can only be a good thing. Even the most hardcore of people need a break from complete insanity from time to time. With Nuitville you only get mild mental illness, so to speak. Despite the lack of variety on the album, this music is highly recommended for those among us who have more daring tastes and those who have very conflicting personalities. Give it a listen!

Review by Simon Wiedemann