EURINGER – EURINGEREMIX: New music from Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence

Digital / LP on Metropolis Records (digital out now / LP June 2019)

Brand new video below – ‘Fuck Everything,’ featuring Jimmy and his heavily pregnant wife Chantal Claret in medieval royal attire.

EURINGEREMIX’ consists of remixes of songs from ‘Euringer’, the debut solo album by Jimmy Urine (of Mindless Self Indulgence) – released in late 2018.

These include a banging remix of ‘If It Ain’t You Today It Will Be You Tomorrow’ (featuring Serj Tankian) by KMFDM, a techno remix of ‘Sailor In A Lifeboat’ (featuring Gerard Way) by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly/Delerium/Conjure One), a synthpop mix of ‘Problematic’ by Ash Code and a bonus vocoder remix of ‘Do You Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth’ by Jimmy himself.

Jimmy’s adopted new home of New Zealand is represented by new waver Eyeliner‘s funky 80’s remix of ‘Fuck Everything’ (featuring Chantal Claret), drum & bass artist, Kiljoy delivers a wicked remix of ’That’s How Jimmy Gets Down’, plus there is a stunning contribution by award winning film composer and orchestrator Ewan Clark, whose Ewan Clark and the Stella Maris Orchestra remix and instrumental versions of ‘Piece Of Me’ were recorded at the famous Stella Maris Chapel in Wellington (the renowned production house of film director Peter Jackson).

‘EURINGEREMIX’ is a digital and LP only release, with the limited edition clear vinyl being issued via Bandcamp and limited to 300 copies. It can be ordered at:



01 If it Aint You Today it Will Be You Tomorrow feat Serj Tankian (KMFDM Remix)
02 That’s How Jimmy Gets Down (Kiljoy Remix)
03 Problematic (Ash Code Remix)
04 Fuck Everything (Eyeliner Remix)
05 Sailor In A Life Boat feat Gerard Way (Rhys Fulber remix)
06 Do You Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth (Jimmy Urine Kiwi Robot Remix)
07 Pieces Of Me (Ewan Clark and The Stella Maris Orchestra Remix)
08 Pieces Of Me (Ewan Clark and The Stella Maris Orchestra Instrumental)


(October 2018)

EURINGER is a counter-culture, surreal, psychedelic, art house, avant-garde, possibly posthumous concept project from Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence fame. Featuring guest vocalists Grimes, Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Chantal Claret – and also starring Jimmy’s Mom and Dad for good measure!

The record is one long song/musical/concerto, as if an underground movie was made for your ears. “I wanted it to sound as if Depeche Mode hired J. Dilla and DJ Premier to drop loops while Frank Zappa produced, and then I came in and shit all over it,” says Jimmy.

Now living in New Zealand full time (“the most awesome country in the world”), Jimmy shares his innermost musical insights through sixteen songs, including two covers (‘Wuthering Heights’ by Kate Bush and ‘What A Fool Believes’ by The Doobie Brothers) four guest stars and one Jimmy.

”I was having fun exploring my brain and I wanted to invite my friends to have fun with me immersing myself in another time and space, bit by bit, gaining its form from my daily life into a surreal stream of consciousness.“

From trigger warnings to Martin Niemöller quotes, from reading himself to boasting and testing, from touring the world to alcohol poisoning, from kissing your mother to dismissing his entire career, this two-year adventure is a mindfuck of Jimmy’s escapist reality.

“Mathematically speaking I am breaking time into pieces of distance and moving through them diagonally at a rapid rate. Naaaahh, I am just fucking with you. I just drank a whole bottle of Southern Comfort and wrote this album. A hallucination, a proclamation, a degradation?

…Or maybe it’s all just all a pile of bullshit I made up to stay relevant. Either way, I am right behind you.”

Jimmy Euringer is the frontman, songwriter and programmer for the critically acclaimed cult favourite
band Mindless Self Indulgence. He has applied his talents as an innovative songwriter, arranger and
producer to a variety of projects, including composing songs for (and acting in) film, television, video
games and many remixes.