Silver Devil – Paralyzed

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Vocals: Anders Löfstrand
Guitar: Jonas Hamqvist
Guitar: Otto Molin
Drums: Marcus Ström
Bass: Erik Bergkvist


1. Howl
2. Rivers
3. Paralyzed
4. Nightwalker
5. No Man Traveller
6. Octopus
7. Beast
8. Hypersleep
9. The Grand Trick


Silver Devil are a Swedish stoner band on Ozium Records. After their 2011 self-titled debut album that gained them a dedicated fanbase, they toured Europe with rock band, Skraeckoedian. They released their sophomore album ‘Paralyzed’ in North America on June 7th and it has influences as wide as Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age and Dozer. It also merges psychedelia with fuzz and fury. 

Considering the number of sources SD have been inspired by, their music is kind of on the dull side. The vocal melodies are forgettable, the sludgy riffs are highly predictable and samey, and the music on the whole is crying out for ideas that are more original. The songs often have guitar arpeggios/melodies which are combined with the backing strings, adding more textures, however they sometimes are features that should have been expanded upon.

The track ‘Nightwalker’ is a bit of a gem however, as it is spiced up with a surprisingly good, epic guitar solo, with another lead part being added on top of it later on. The song is kind of reminiscent of Monster Magnet at their most indulgent, just without the super catchy and anthemic choruses. ‘Octopus’ has a dramatic buildup, making use of fast guitar chugs and exciting snare patterns, but after the latter, the song simply continues in the way it did before without an effective sense of excitement, tension or relief being produced. Second LP highlight, ‘Hypersleep’ starts off in a refreshing doom metal style, before returning back to normal. However like a prog band, SD bring back the intro theme later and develop it skilfully on and off for an entertaining 8 minutes.

In conclusion, the album is mostly like one repetitive blur. Its only true strengths are is its laid back, chilled and cool nature (which shouldn’t be at all downplayed), the disappointingly rare, skilled musicianship and of course the epic track just mentioned. This music is perfectly fine for partying to, but it’s not so good to listen to when not doing any other activities. If you’re a huge stoner fan, you may really like it though. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann