Asylum PYRE – N°4

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2019
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Band Line-up

Ombeline “OXY” Duprat : vocals
Johann “JAE” Cadot : guitars, vocals, programming
Pierre-Emmanuel “WIK” Pélisson : guitars
Fabien “HED” Mira : bass
Thomas “KAS” Calegari : drums


1. Lullaby For The Clairvoyants 1:23
2. One Day 4:57
3. Sex Drugs and Scars (Feat BEAST IN BLACK’s…3:21
4. Lady Ivy 5:08
5. On First Earth 4:00
6. Dearth 3:56
7. Into The Wild 3:57
8. MCQ Drama 4:59
9. Borderline 3:02
10. The Right To Pain 4:08
11. The Broken Frame 4:20
12. The Cemetery Road 6:16


French Power Metal group Asylum Pyre mix electronica with metal in their 2019 spring release ‘N°4’. An ironic play on Channel°5. It’s AP’s 4th full length record since 2009. Led by a world-class vocalist, Asylum Pyre has toured with acts such as Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Stream Of Passion, Xandria and will soon hit the stage again with Demons & Wizards end of May and start of June 2019. As well as the album release they also released a music video in April of their single ‘One Day’ which can be viewed below.  The techno metal mix is not for everyone. With this album the concept paints a picture of post apocalyptic scenes, cosmic battles and futuristic visions. ‘Lullaby for the Clairvoyant’, ‘One Day’ and ‘Sex, Drugs and Scars’ all use a lot of the same techno elements. Ombeline’s vocals are really strong though her range is best in the lower register. ‘The Cemetery Road’ was the best track I really liked because it was quite balanced with the metal and electronic elements. ‘Lady Ivy’ was another great track that had a stronger power metal feel.

I really am not the biggest fan of power metal but this is a decent album worth a look. They put me in mind of a mixture of old and new Combichrist. This is metal you could dance to. I just feel some of the elements were over used so some songs were a little boring and samey. Overall, it’s a solid album and worth a listen, especially if you like something different and don’t mind electronic mixed with metal. Though I have seen several such fusions of music before and nothing surprises me much these days. They make it work and all the elements come together. I will check out their previous works as well since this is the first album I have heard from them.  You can buy the album from Season of Mist, Amazon, Itunes and Bandcamp.

Review By Cathrine Wendt