Dorylus -Without Sin

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self released
Released: 2019
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Band Website: Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

Band Line-up:

Joe Lyndon – Guitar / Lead Vocals
Craig Carmichael – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Edd Littler – Bass
Mitch Cartwright – Drums


1. Under My Flesh
2. Bite The Bullet
3. Lesser Evil
4. First Stone
5. Witch Hunter
6. Mirrors
7. Serpents
8. Upon The Horizon
9. Sunrise
10. Decency Derailed


Dorylus describe themselves fairly modestly as a hard-hitting four piece heavy metal band from Hertfordshire. Iron Maiden and Slayer are named as key influences, but the band also lists Amon Amarth and Lamb Of God when describing what goes into the pot to create their particular brand of Melodic Thrash / Death Metal.

Building on the momentum of their performance in the grand final of Metal 2 The Masses in 2016, the band have since completed two tours; this included some dates with the Swedish Death Metal crew, Creeping Flesh, as well as time spent sharing the stage with bands such as Suma, Krysthla and King Leviathan.

Following on from their debut ep, The Rapture (2015), Without Sin is the band’s second release. In a rather impressive move, this current collection of songs has been recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist/vocalist, Joe Lyndon.

You have to take your hat off to him, because pressing play on this disc drops the listener straight into something quite powerful. Under My Flesh wastes no time in taking you through the band’s various influences. Within the album’s first three minutes we have experienced the key elements of Dorylus’ sound. We have brutally hard riffs set against melodic passages. There are atmospheric guitar chords picked out alongside Edd Littler’s prog’ metal bass-lines; while at the centre of it all sits the frontman’s full throated bellow.

Dorylus’ commitment to heavy music is completely apparent. The first moments of Bite The Bullet manage to sound like Deicide and Pantera wrapped up in the same song before the band takes you on an epic, seven minute thrash-out that clocks up some very generous numbers on the riff count. Lesser Evil is no less intense. Its skull cracking drums drive towards the rampant gallop of First Stone and the formidable vocal performance on the album’s centrepiece, Witchhunter.

And so it continues. Riff after riff. Each song is choc-full of them. Big brooding ones on Serpents that give way to the full thrash-out of Upon The Horizon and Sunrise, working towards to the eventual, impressively epic sprawl of Decency Derailed.

Without Sin is a worthwhile album that will to appeal to anyone who enjoys intense, heavy metal music played with a melodic flair. There is a modern, metallic crunch to the record, but it’s not without some classic NWOBHM influences. If that sounds like your bag then there is very little to criticise on here.

If I did have to pick something that might bring an improvement, I would say I’d like to hear this with a slightly more ambitious production. While Lyndon has done an incredible job, there is a slight niggling sense of the limitations of a small/home studio. The drum sound is a little processed – possibly triggered – which gives them a removed quality. I’d like to hear this recorded in a bigger room, with a full set up and more space to crank the amps and hear the air being pushed around.

But that is a small criticism. Ultimately, Without Sin is a triumphant achievement that is well worth your time.

Give it some volume.

Horns up.

Review by Beandog