Hocico – Pychonaut & Cross the Line

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label [URL] https://www.outofline.de/
Released: 2019
Buy Album [URL] https://www.outofline.de/neue-hocico-single-psychonaut/
Band Website: http://www.hocico.com/

Band line-up:

Racso Agroyam
Erk Aicrag


1. Psychonaut
2. Cross the Line (ft. Tragedy of Mine)


To view a band’s true versatility as musicians, sometimes you need some of their longest and more beautiful albums, but other times, all you need is as little as two singles to prove just how well versed such a band is in their eclectic output.

In this case, we turn to Mexican electronic duo, Hocico and their two new singles ‘Psychonaut’ and ‘Cross the Line’. These are two songs similar in sound but quite different in their output when one comes to analysing them.

One term to describe both is, aggressive, as this is not the kind of electronic music to play at a club that entertains kids with no problems at all. ‘Psychonaut’ to begin with, has the down-tunes and aggression of a band who are more than willing to entertain the highest or most obscure forms of mental strength from drugs or otherworldly literature and entertainment; it is the kind of tune you’d find played in the main alternative clubs of any major city.

‘Cross the Line’ features the group Tragedy of Mine and is uplifting on more than one level. Give this piece a whirl on the turntable and you’ll feel like you’re in some cyberpunk nightmare setting that would put Blade Runner to shame. Therefore we have a band who know how to please everyone on the electro spectrum with nothing more than a good set of tunes which I know won’t go amiss on the dancefloors of places like Slimelight, Antichrist or Reptile.

We have here a band who know what they’re doing and won’t mellow any time soon, so good work Hocico, you’re really putting Mexico on the electronica map.

Review by Demitri Levantis