The Hyss – Hound

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label [URL] Self Released
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Dave Fitzgerald – guitar
Pat Kennedy – guitar
Matt McDonald – vocals
Mike Scales – drums
Bill Sullivan – bass


1. Ranger Grave
2. Eaten by Dogs
3. Off With Their Heads
4. Gold Tooth Ding
5. Ghost Army


I’ll begin this review by saying I am no major lover of Stoner Metal or Acid Rock, however I am ok with such psychedelic works crossing over into the worlds of Doom and Black Metal; and in this case, we have a band who have taken all elements of Stoner and Doom and added in lashings of Punk tempos and vocals that wouldn’t go amiss on a good Space Rock album either.

I am of course talking about The Hyss, all the way from Chicago, who reminded me of Electric Wizard and their ilk by combining the hefty weight of Black Sabbath style riffs and fast but heaving riffs that a fan of Sludge Metal would certainly smile at.

Their debut record ‘Hound’ showcases these guys as wide music fans for they have made Stoner music something to bop along to on your morning commute, as I found when reviewing it. It’s a good vibe from start to finish and has all the psychedelic slow parts and decent guitar solos that would make you feel like you’ve been catapulted back to an Ashbury gig somewhere in the late 1980s.

‘Hound’ is like if you took acid on the day you received an increase in your bonus at work and the ecstasy of the good news made the drugs take you to a sweet euphoria faster than a Surf Punk album. My only criticism is it’s not long enough – but that leaves the audience wanting more and anticipating your next release. Great work, The Hyss.

Review by Demitri Levantis