Anticosm – The Call of the Void

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Hell Kill Destroy Records
Release Date: 2019
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Band line-up:

Kirill Kovalevsky: Vocals
Mark Siedlecki II: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Beheader: Drums
Tom Wilson: Bass
Keith Romanski: Guitar


1. Viral 6:35
2. Someone Must Suffer 4:27
3. Scorched Earth 2:57
4. Call Of The Void 6:05
5. Fall Asleep 5:26
6. Somewhere Between Life And Death 3:19
7. Behold The Venom Crystals 5:36
8. The Only Truth 5:08
9. Never Enough 3:11


Having been around since 2003, the New Jersey black thrashers have certainly come to form after several configuration changes with two full-length albums and an EP.

The upcoming third full-length THE CALL OF THE VOID is probably their best work so far.

The name gives it away with a cosmic influence and fits their lyrical theme of anti-everything. Very talented musicians and songwriters creating highly technical riffs and fast solos mixed with blast beats and deathly growls, they sound like rock ‘n roll infused with thrash metal and melodic black metal.

I cannot really classify this album or the band under one genre, their work is very special, many musical influences seem to be involved in the music creations process.

They have certainly re-invented themselves and successfully pushed the boundaries of each genre while mixing different sounding styles into their work; this seems to be what makes Anticosm a unique sounding band.

Now let’s dig deeper into the tracks shall we.

The first track “Viral” slowly kicks in with an opening riff accompanied with some blast beats. It’s very promising for what to come next, where the vocals kicks in very cautiously building up to a playful riff, followed by a hollow solo and backing growls, then phasing down to a slower solo and some tremolo picking.

A small bass riff drives in, while getting into business, mixing it all and repeating the backing riff while screaming “Viral”, ending with a bass riff slowly fading to the end of the story; it’s a great manifestation of what to expect in the album!

Moving forward, the band gets straight to it. “Someone Must Suffer”, isn’t that always the case? A small build-up, a riff announces the misery the name carries, while one might predict an exploding riff to come next after the build-up, Antocosim has chosen a softer sound with a short acoustic sounding riff. Definitely a slower phase track with lower register vocals, not to disappoint, their blend kicks in a few times as a statement that this band’s style isn’t predictable in any way.

Jumping to “Scorched Earth”, a very chaotic riff with some fast slides leads to a vocal statement and promises of retaliation, moves into an inspiring solo that ends with, dare I say, an iconic riff? Probably my personal favourite but I would’ve loved this track to be longer!

Let’s take a break now with a promising acoustic opening riff for the next track, “Call of the Void”. Not to be mistaken as sign of softness, just wait and see…

After a minute in, here comes the blasting chaos with very well-structured riffs and solos, being the album name song makes it important to manifest what the band is about and yes it does! It’s a mixture of everything, soft opening, slow riffs, fast very technical riffs, complex bass lines, blast beats, well fitted growls… you name it.

Do you think you’re going to “Fall Asleep” No? Think again, that would be the title of the next track. Definitely not a track to fall asleep to, slow drumming coming from far away beyond the galaxy, tells us a story of melody and rhythms and that’s what this track is about.

How are you still alive after all this? Or maybe “Somewhere Between Life And Death”, that would be the next track’s title, utilising heavy melodic riffs with fast and heavy chugs, a very catchy tune.

Let’s take a different direction with the next track, “Behold the Venom Crystals”: not to drift away from the entire style of the album but a bit of experimenting won’t hurt. Compared to the rest of the album I would say this track is… different.

“The Only Truth”: a very truthful intro breaks down back into style, melody and a nocturnal scream to state the screaming truth. Followed by different solo parts here and there, it most certainly sounds like the only truth one might need.

Had enough? “Never Enough”, the last but not the least track of the album, has a very thrash metal style opening riff, very fast chugs and cuts, definitely a song to head bang your brains out to. Some of the riffs are less melodic than the rest, I might say I hear Slayer influence there?

The Call Of The Void is definitely a very promising album, approaching each genre differently and bravely by mixing elements into one style, pretty much creates a unique sound, which isn’t an easy job but the credit goes to these talented musicians which I believe were able to make it work. Well done!

Review by

Johnny Wolf

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