Putrified J – The Deep End Of Horror

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2019
Buy Album: https://putrifiedj.bandcamp.com
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/PutrifiedJ/

Band line-up:

Jason Lambert – Vocals, Drum Programming
Hervé Dieudonné – Guitars


1. The Deep End of Horror
2. Sickening Decapitation
3. Relentless
4. Undead Terror
5. Seeds of Infamy
6. Infected Oath


Putrified J are a brutal death metal band on the Comatose Music record label and they unleashed ‘The Deep End of Horror’ EP on June 28th. The release’s concept is one of total anarchy. The world is in flames and the only thoughts of its inhabitants are ‘kill’. Our destiny is insanity and death. The group was created by Jason Lambert in 2009, who still leads it today. Over the years, many collaborators have come and gone on their grisly journey. Now with Death Blood Destroyer axeman Herve Dieudonne, the band have never sounded more crushing.

I’m a little disappointed to say this band programs their drums. Listening to machines just isn’t the same and it’s certainly not as impressive. On the plus side, that does let the band sound more extreme. This music is unbelievably fast. However, the insane heaviness is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is pushing the boundaries of the genre which is always good, but on the other it can come across as slightly silly. It’s like if you saw someone running faster and faster until they were sprinting at 80 miles per hour. It would be amazing, but it would probably look comical, too. The problem of the music could have existed from the forming of its theme. Who’s ever heard of a situation that is PURE chaos? Usually there are highs and lows to everything, and similarly this music needs some proper breathers. 

The guitar riffs aren’t always particular creative, often alternating between traditional low-pitched ultra-power chords and tremolo picked madness. The kind most death metal fans would have heard thousands of times before. However, many of them do provide an intricate element to the sound. The short and sweet guitar shredding in the intro of ‘Sickening Decapitation’ is a highlight but unfortunately, the band doesn’t seem to realise more of such playing would be very welcome. The EP on the whole is samey from start to finish and the ‘singer’ keeps grunting the same pitch over and over. Frequent tempo changes do add a fair bit of spice, but they can’t stop the whole effort sounding average. Rather surprisingly for such an adrenaline fuelled experience, the final song just stops. The listener will almost certainly be disappointed by that and will be longing for a much stronger climax.

In conclusion, this music seems more like an experiment into how over the top the performers can sound, rather than them having a developed sense of taste and an appreciation of balance that all genres need. The slowly bending guitars in ‘Sickening Decapitation’ do provide a refreshing sense of horror, but after them, it’s mostly back to just being plain brutal. Sure this album will be great blasting out of your speakers and making your whole house rumble, but at lower volumes it’s not so interesting. If you like your drumming, fake as it is, to almost sound like a long, continuos wig out, Putrified J might be right up your street, however.

Review by Simon Wiedemann