Pulverising metalcore from ISOLATE New single & video ‘Oceans’ out now

Leeds metalcore mob ISOLATE have just released their latest single and video called ‘Oceans’.
Having only formed in 2018, the band have quickly made waves in the local and national metal scene following the release of their debut EP ‘ Koi No Umi’. Having been described as the UK’s answer to Wage War, Isolate are an onslaught of melodic metalcore with deep lyrical content.

Oceans is available to stream and purchase right now, check it out on your favourite platform or try one of the following:
Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play & Youtube.

Oceans is a crushingly heavy release that focuses on the reality of experiencing mental health issues. Where a lot of bands speak of mental health and overcoming issues, Isolate are exploring the inner reaches of their minds, portraying the depths of the illness through their music and visuals.

Vocalist, Jamie Dewhirst explains:
Minds vast as an ocean is exactly the way I feel when I’m feeling low, lost in what feels like the most vast place you could imagine. It’s like a roller coaster of a song starting off very emotional lyric wise, almost a warning that though things are good right now there is always that one thing in the background gnawing in the back of your head “.

Jamie Tucker (drums) gives his perspective of the track:
Oceans, to me, is our representation of the voice inside your head. Every instance of low self-worth, all the time spent overthinking and everything else that hides behind simple smiles. With the song I feel like the heavy parts and the “big sounding” melodic parts, represent the ups and downs of mental illness. Sometimes you’re angry and sad, sometimes you’re happy and other times you’re just spaced out. I feel like Oceans is an accurate representation of this, I feel like with Oceans we captured this fluctuation in mood and the struggles that come with it.“.
Check out the video for Oceans by Isolate right now.
Isolate are playing at the amazing ‘Rage Against Cancer pt II’ event at The Shed, Leicester on the 20th of July alongside some other great bands. If you are able to get along and support this worthy cause, tickets are only £4 and are available on the door.


Jamie Dewhirst – Vocals
Rob Hemingway – Guitar/Vocals
Sam McEvoy – Guitar
Jamie Tucker – Drums