Monica Strut – Social media shredder

Publisher: Independent
Number of Pages: 52
Released: 2019
Buy: Amazon
Rating: 3.5/5

Social media has basically invaded all aspects of contemporary life all over the world. Humans just can’t seem to get enough of it and there’s just so much noise from it. Look at it this way, Facebook alone has over two billion users worldwide. TWO BILLION! Over 25% of the global population and a lot of these are metalheads. Lots of potential to spread the good noise of your band then of course.

What Monica Strut provides in this 50-page course book is some very insightful and digestible information on how to manage your band’s social media image. And, it is image that we are speaking of here,  as it is purely directed at you; the reader. Monica is a musician and a digital marketer with several years of experience working within the industry of not only creating music but selling it too. Not just in terms of monetary value, but selling it to the wider public; creating noise and bringing it to you, the audience.

The book itself is very personal and provides a direct but explanatory course of how to work with these platforms and how to best utilise them to reach audiences that, before this modern age, were much more difficult to reach. Gone are the tape trading circuits of the 80s, now we have instant connection and a mass-market but it’s not as easy as just making one post to reach them all…

‘Social media Shredder’ does highlight some of the difficulties that bands face with this instant connection. One of the main themes of this book is the dilution of the market but also, how to best make your band stand out from the crowd. Monica provides a basic framework which is valid for bands who run their own accounts on social media. This is not too useful for labels who have their own specialised digital marketing departments or for those who are much more familiar with the industry, but for bands who have not given it much thought, this is a great way to start.

The use and benefits of the main platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are explored to a degree with some helpful points on how to and how not to use them to further your band’s goals. Content is key and this is a subject touched upon in great detail throughout the three sections of the book. This is what I think one of the main benefits of this book is. Control the quality of your content! Algorithms for these platforms are constantly changing and are becoming more quality-centric so having high-quality content, be it images, videos or otherwise is absolutely essential to break through the maelstrom. Take notice people!

Overall, it’s a great start but there is so much more to social media and being in a band of course. Monica Strut does cover the basics with ‘Social Media Shredder’ and, for many up and coming or even flailing bands, this provides a useful insight into the industry of self-promotion when dealing with a world of obstacles. The tools are there so go out and explore their benefits.

Take a moment to read through this first so that you don’t end up setting yourself even further back from when you started.

Review By Pete Mutant