Aldi Dallo Spazio – Quasar

Rating: 2/5
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Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Dario Federici – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Simone Sgarzi – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Davide Mosca – Guitars
Marco Braschi – Bass
Lorenzo Guardigli – Drums, Backing Vocals


1. Long Time Lover
2. The Distance
3. Little Piggy Will
4. Santana (A Freedom Song)
5. Epiphany


If I had to sum up this album in one word it would be: complacent.

Here we have another album which looks promising on the surface, but the moment you put it on you are reminded, upsettingly, of the 1970s where Progressive Rock music became so full of itself that many kids believed Rock n Roll to be well and truly dead.

To begin with, Italian group Aldi Dallo Spazio begin their debut release: ‘Quasar’ with a fairly catchy tune: ‘Long Time Lover’ which I found reminiscent of Hawkwind and the good days of Space Rock – even the latter days of The Verve’s career when they moved into progressive territories – so I will score them well on that.

Though when second track: ‘The Distance’ kicks in, the band have moved to a sound a long distance from the start and things become too long and change tempo too often for those of us who are easily distracted. The next three tracks are quite similar, and whilst they do delve back into the Space Rock aura of the opening piece, they fall behind too fast.

Whilst it is worth noting how well this album’s composition is, I can’t but help thinking this a band for other musicians due to how over-the-top their sound is. It does sound harsh putting a band down for being “too good”, but given my taste in music that ranges from Punk and Hardcore to Black Metal, I am not one of this band’s target audience, so elongated tracks with guitars and drums that would please a music tutor aren’t for me.

Progressive Rock has never been a favourite of mine, so please give this album the benefit of the doubt as it was most likely sent to the wrong reviewer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this band is composed of music teachers, so all I can do is wish them all the best for the future but can’t say I’ll ever attend one of their shows.

Review by Demitri Levantis