Old Forest – Black Forests of Eternal Doom

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Dusktone.eu
Released: 2019
Buy Album: http://www.dusktone.eu/product/old-forest-black-forests-of-eternal-doom/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/oldforestofficial/

Band line-up:

KOBOLD – Synths & Chants
KOBRO – Hammers of the Underworld
BELETH – 4 & 6 strings



1. Subterranean Soul
2. Wastelands of Dejection
3. Black Forests of Eternal Doom
4. Shroud of my Dreams
5. A Spell upon Thee
6. Hang’ed Man


Whilst dwelling in the old black forests you may hear the chants of the wastelands, calling on you with a doomy aesthetic, sending shivers down your soul as it grasps to an eternal dream of misery. An atmosphere that feels like a dream of an 11 year old whom has watched a horror movie that does not fit that age.

With “Subterranean Soul” it starts, a slow doom-y riff infused with an eerie guitar, it’s lovely but somehow sad and miserable. The screams kick in, embedded inside the second riff, accompanied with fast blast beats, opening the doors for dark chants separating the riffs multiple times, then mixing it all as if it is black metal wrapped in a doom-y attire. The album in general is an impressive showcase of the band’s ability to do many things, the guitars go from fast to slow to fast again, the drums switch between blast beats to doom slow drumming. There are multiple influences involved in the musical structure.

The general aesthetic heavily influenced by English black metal. Also, very poetic and holds an enormous amount of sadness. “Wastelands of Dejection”, somehow carries on with a very similar style involving more synths and evil riffs like an escalation from how the album begun, then fading away to set an ending to that chapter of the story. “Black Forests of Eternal Doom”, starts a new chapter with heavy chugs timed in between the chants, followed by a small silence to be broken by a fast riff mixed with slower drum beats, then repeating the sequel again in a very classical style. Almost by the end, a very poetic prayer begins, accompanied with a slow guitar riff and a clear bass line. Beautifully structured and a sad track, one might play on repeat for days.

A new chapter begins with “Shroud of My Dreams”, completely different, fully atmospheric and dreamy, those chants become deep howls in the darkness of the forest. Fading slowly towards a new beginning, “A Spell upon Thee”, a new ray of light within the darkness, manifesting within the sadness, a new hope with some grim black metal shrieking mixed with heavy guitar chugs.

Final chapter, an atmospheric introduction to the final event, “Hang’ed Man” is a story closure, mixing slow doom riffs with slow drums and slow solos.

“Black Forests of Eternal Doom” is a novel, very poetic, dark, atmospheric and well-structured musical work. Simply emotional and dark in every way.

Review By Johnny Wolf