Children of the Sun – Flowers

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Josefina Ekholm Berglund
Ottilia Ekholm Berglund
Wilma Ås
Jacob Hellenrud
Ida Wahl
Anna Nilsson
Christoffer Eriksson
Sara Berkesi


1. Intro
2. Her Game
3. Emmy
4. Hard Workin Man
5. Sunchild
6. Flowers
7. Like a Sound
8. Beyond the sun


Sweden has birthed many an amazing Rock and Metal musician over the decades, and I think it is now time to say that the nation’s answer to all the great Psychedelic/Hippie idols of the 1960s has now emerged in the form of the Arvika based group: Children of the Sun.

This eight-piece act has managed to fuse all the right elements of the “peace and love” decade and make them into a work of contemporary art, dealing with the everyday hardships faced by the average joe. Other typical Hippie themes like love also make numerous appearances.

Relationships and everyday anxiety are also tackled on ‘Her Game’ and ‘Hard Workin Man’, all delivered with guitars and organ fusion that reminded me a lot of The Doors and the vocals are reminiscent of great women like Janis Joplin and Jinx Dawson.

Children of the Sun are real Hippies and have even titled their album with a tribute to the sign of said movement and the title track is more than beautiful; if you really dig Jimi Hendrix and his ilk, you need to give these Swedes a try.

My only criticism of this record is that the songs do go on a little too much but given I haven’t listened to a lot of psychedelic rock music in the last few years, I’d give that the benefit of the doubt. Expect to see Children of the Sun on the road with British acts like Church of the Cosmic Skull soon – all set for a journey into the most peaceful and beautiful level of happiness.

Review by Demitri Levantis