Rating: 4/5
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Released: 2019
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Martin Sane



1. Embolism
2. Parasite Paradise
3. Empyrean
4. Syringe Relation
5. Funeral Dirge
6. Within Cells Interlinked
7. Love
8. The Sceptic
9. Depression Deity
10. Tunnel Vision
11. Futile Attempts
12. Warning signs







If there’s one thing Germany does well, that’s industrial and EBM. Fïx8:Sëd8 from Frankfurt Germany serves harsh old school industrial sounds with catchy synth atmosphere and will be sure to get the rivetheads and cybergoths out on the dance floor. Oh yes they certainly still exist glowing brightly in the thick fog of the dance floor or stomping in their platforms at your local German goth festival. Martin Sane takes great inspiration from the North American Industrial artists such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ and Haujobb.

The themes are pretty typical of most industrial outfits so there’s not much new here. There are the usual post apocalyptic death and disease themes commonly used with plenty of spoken samples. While these themes are relevant to the angst and fear of how the world and its society are heading I sometimes wonder if they are a bit overused. Does anyone really care about the message? Is this meant to provoke any thought and action or is it just entertainment to wave your glow sticks to? So pop on those gas masks, cyberlox and goggles and lets get into Warning Signs.

In his 4th release Fïx8:Sëd8 checks pretty much all the boxes for industrial EBM. Vox, voice samples, electric high pitched synths, plenty of oontz, and electric snare and bass beats made for boots on the dancefloor. Though he also uses the old school industrial sounds and tricks which will definitely appeal to those from the 90s who relish the days when EBM came and conquered the clubs. Every sound is synthetic, distorted and electric. I hate to say cliché but I suppose yeah it does not sound all that different than many other EBM projects and bands out there. However Fïx8:Sëd8 is masterful and knows what he is doing. He has produced a great album that will do its job and be well appreciated by fans of this genre. I have a great fondness for Skinny Puppy and I can definitely hear the inspiration throughout the album. I also get KMFDM and Wumpscut vibes. Most tracks are around 5 minutes long. Warning Signs offers 12 dark electro dance songs with a combined run time of 65 minutes.

Songs that stood out were Empyrean, Depression Deity, Futile Attempts and Warning Signs. Interesting themes enjoyable song structures definitely reminiscent of Skinny Puppy and early industrial. They are a little on the slow side tempo wise and great dark themes I find relatable. Loads of haunting synth, heavy distorted vocals and the bangs and clangs of industrial beats pulsing through each dark dystopian song were enjoyable enough to make me want to listen to this and dig up some of my old EBM music that I have not listened to much in the past years, especially as I have gravitated back to extreme metal. I got my start in the Detroit scene and these sounds dominated my club night experiences. So it’s kind of like nostalgia. Overall it’s well done and Martin definitely has a made a mark in the scene since the start as he has graced many a stage, club and festival stage. Just recently in his tour he performed at Germany’s Amphi Festival which is usually on the more EBM and Industrial side when it comes to goth and dark alternative festivals. I give the album a 4/5 it’s solid and while it does not really deliver much new or experiment it is a decent composition that deserves a good listen and will be likely to get one stomping away on the dance floor.


Review by Cathrine Wendt