Kosm – Eyes On The Inside

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2019
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band Lineup:

Erik Leonhard –Guitar
Mike Slater –Guitar
Jessie Grace –Vocals
Sterling Paterson –Drums
Michael Mastracci –Bass


1. Yharnam (5:25)
2. Clocktower (5:12)
3. A Call Beyond (4:16)
4. Old Blood (6:58)
5. Eyes On The Inside (4:56)


British Columbia’s rising stars of progressive metal Kosm have returned with a brand spanking new EP in ‘Eyes On The Inside’. We get five new tracks to add to the band’s debut release ‘Cosmonaut’ which was only released last year if you would believe. Clearly the creative juices are flowing and Kosm are on the cosmic warpath as what we have here serves as a fine continuation of the band’s stylistic endeavours.

Last year’s ‘Cosmonaut’ worked as a fine introduction to the band and what they’re all about. What really comes out on this EP is a mix of  Mastodon, with a spoonful of Gojira, a dash of Tool, a sprinkle of Opeth and throw in some Alice In Chains for the fuck of it and there we have a nice recipe for some proggy goodness. There’s definitely a shift towards more concentrated heaviness to the music as well. Good thing that prog bands are really into progressing their sound as otherwise where would we be?

It’s a shame that there’s not a few more tracks to this as all tracks go somewhere different and have their own unique quality. The guitar tone is rather excellent so that the riffs are potent and the shifts in tempo and style are not lost. Some of the lead work is excellent as well with probably the best solo coming on my favourite track of the EP in ‘A Call Beyond’. The vocals, I would say, have improved in quality compared to their first release. Vocalist Jessie Grace has improved the resonance of her vocals, displaying a wide range from soft melodic to harsh screams not too far off what you’d expect from compatriot Alissa White-Gluz.

The one place where I think the EP does itself an injustice is in the drums. Not in the performance of drummer Sterling Paterson but the levels are just not quite there and the impact is lost especially when Sterling throws in some nice fills and interchanges. Overall, the EP works really well and was a nice introduction to the band for myself. There are some amazing Canadian bands and Vancouver is quite the hub for a wide variety of quality metal. I’ve just added Kosm to my list of these and I am looking forward to much more from this band.