Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL:  https://3rdirex.bandcamp.com/
Released: 2019
Buy Album: https://hornwoodfell.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/hornwoodfell/

Band Line-up:

Marco Basili – guitars, bass, vocals and synth
Andrea Basili – drums, percussions, vocals and synth


Vulnera Pt. I
Vulnera Pt. II
Vulnera Pt. III
Vulnera Pt. IV
Vulnera Pt. V
Vulnera Pt. VI
Vulnera Pt. VII



If you are searching for something off the walls and completely mad when it comes to black metal then this album may certainly be for you. Twin brothers Marco and Andrea Basili of Italy have created a cacophony of twisted, abrasive music that will delight any fan of underground extreme metal. It is avant garde, experimental and chaotic. Unbelievably written and recorded in 2 days. The brothers submitted themselves fully to their dark designs and produced something that can not even be fully described in words. This is not an easy album to listen to and you should listen to it in entirety from beginning to end. It’s a journey. Each song is named “Vulnera” which is Latin for “wound” and there are 7 parts.

With only the 2 brothers in the band they have their own special focus but both also cover guitars, vocals and synths. The opening track is slow, ominous, and atmospheric with synths that have an electric organ sound. It fades away into nothing but then track 2 opens with full on chaos. Shrieking, blast beats and riffs rip you from the silence. It sounds like it was recorded in a room with metal walls or some dark cellar and has echoing acoustics. With all that said I did find this album at times a bit chaotic and messy. It can be hard to follow. For some having to listen through an album intense as this won’t be enjoyable. If you are looking for any kind of consistent rhythm or melodic playing you will be disappointed. The drum and bass rhythms are ever changing and there’s not much respite from the abrasive brutality in their music. The singing is pretty versatile. However it certainly sounds as it’s coming from a tormented man. Growling, shrieking, screaming and no clean vocals to be found. This is meant to sound agonizing and painful after all each song is named wound. “Vulnera part 4” starts with a little bit of melody but it’s short repeated bursts in the first minute. Often times it almost seems like different songs woven into one. Part 5 has a long atmospheric introductory buildup before it goes ballistic. This song probably is one of the most consistent ones on the album. Most tracks are around 5 minutes long. So it feels like they definitely pack in much intensity and that anything too much longer could probably drag. Part 6 the tortured wails were enjoyable. There’s a lot of emotion released and then a chorus of otherworldly voices. It’s one of my more memorable and most enjoyed tracks. Track 7 feels a has a more traditional black metal sound but this track contains much less atmosphere and purely brutal from beginning to nearly the end. It all culminates into a groaning death and quickly fades to silence.

I like that Hornwood Fell is experimenting and have a lot of intensity to offer. For 2 days of creation this is astounding but at the same time feels a tad bit slapped together. They have plenty of talent and the concept is interesting. It’s not something I myself would be able to listen to repeatedly. I give them 3.5 out of 5. It’s chaotic in a beautiful way. I think it’s definitely an album and band worth investing in if you love black metal and want this kind of abrasive music. They are not suicide black metal but they share some qualities with it. It’s on the darker and more melancholic side. So give Hornwood Fell a good listen as well as previous works from them.

Review by Cathrine Wendt