Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: https://maskedeadrecords.bandcamp.com
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:


A. Schizoid – Guitars
S.T. – Bass
A. Venor – Vocals
E.P. – Drums
F.C. – Keyboard


B.G. – Guitar
C. G. – Vocals
R. M. – Bass
C. V. – Drum


Malauriu -Ancient Spirits
Fordomth -The Chanting Voi


Twin Serpent Dawn is a split single, fittingly featuring two black metal bands, showing off one track each. Both are from Sicily, Italy. The first act on the album is the five-piece Malauriu, who formed in 2013. The second is the four-piece Fordomth, started in the same year. The album was released on June 20th, through Masked Dead Records and it will be released again on August 25th, through Black Mourning Productions. It is a display of the strength of extreme music in the area, which is marked by myths, legends and traditions. 

Malauriu’s song ‘Ancient Spirits’, then: There’s a lot of variety in rhythms and tempo here, the tense chords work and you get some relatively complicated bass lines and fills that may even remind you of Iron Maiden at times. Furthermore, the screams are delivered with that hate all BM fans love but like so many, the vocalist has no individuality. Basically, he could be almost anyone in the scene. There really is almost nothing about this number that stands out as innovative. Musicians may know that you can’t copyright a chord progression, but I kind of wish you could, just to force guys like these to be more creative. I also wish blast beats could be copyrighted, but it’s not constant insanity with the drums here. Even the title of the song ‘Ancient Spirits’ is lacking in innovation. Fans of the genre will know that many similar songs are inspired by the past and also by mythology. Malauriu have gone for a two in one. All things considered, I give this song a 2.5 out of 5.

Now Fordomth’s ‘The Chanting Void’: This one is far more impressive, though you do have to wait till about half way through, before things get interesting. The first section is nothing special, in fact it’s equally as unadventurous as the former song, but it certainly sets the mood and builds the tension. In the second part, the combination of sick harmony, powerful drum fills and beats, and intricate bass parts take you by surprise and work as a great climax that lasts right till the end. The dramatic changes in tempo from here onwards only add to the drama. Such material kind of brings to mind the mid section of ‘Freezing Moon’ by Mayhem, but Fordomth have upped the complexity without losing the brutality. Perhaps unfortunately however, the percussion in this piece is nowhere near as dramatic, full and reverb heavy as it is on the classic just mentioned, but it’s fine that Fordomth are doing their own thing. Having said all of those positive things, the ending of the song is a bit of a letdown though, as it kind of just stops. Again all things considered, this piece gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me.

In conclusion, Fordomth is surely the stronger band, but even so, they’re not really doing anything original, either. Far from it, but they along with Malauriu have come up with work that… well works. Works at creating a sense of misery and rage, I mean. Again, the composition in the split is perfectly fine, its style has just been done to death. Would it kill the musicians to maybe sing clean sometimes? To borrow from other genres, or to experiment with different kinds of melodies, etc.? As I always say in these kind of reviews, if you’re new to BM, go ahead and get this album. It may very well be exciting to you. On the other hand, if you’re not, you may be frequently bored with what’s on offer, here.

Review by Simon Wiedemann