Children of the Sün debut album, ’Flowers‘ out now

Children of the Sün bring back the best part of the vocal harmony hippie era of the 60´s and 70´s with their debut album Flowers released on The Sign Records.

Mixing blues rock with a warm feel good folk/country vibe, their sound is retro yet fresh.

The band debut album holds strong influences from Janis Joplin, Free and Joe Cocker, still the band can be placed somewhere in the same atmosphere as The Allman Brothers Band, Jefferson Airplane and Canned Heat. A reincarnation of the 60´s feeling of nature, soul and rock music can be found in Children of the Sün‘s debut album.
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Flowers holds seven songs playing for 34 minutes. Album cover is done by Maarten Donders that previously provided artwork for bands as MaidaVale, Graveyard, Blues Pills and Chelsea Wolfe. Children of the Sün hailing from the deep woods of Värmland, Sweden brings both nature and freedom to their album. The recording was done in ES Music in Karlstad, Sweden. Children of the Sün won the Swedish national music competition Livekarusellen in 2018. In 2019 the band was added to The Sign Records rooster, the label have among other released bands as Hällas, MaidaVale, Heavy Feather and Svartanatt.


Live Dates:

31st of August – Festival of the Midnight Sun, Mantorp, Sweden
18th of October – The Sign Fest, Linköping
19th of October – The Sign Fest, Stockholm
8th of November – The Sign Fest, Göteborg
9th of November – The Sign Fest, Malmö



“If I had to describe Children of the Sun in a nutshell, they look like a cult, they sound like a mix of all the awesomeness of the Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar soundtracks creating a goulash of all things that make Swedish psych rock remarkable.  Take a pinch of Graveyard (“Like a Sound”), Blues Pills (“Hard Workin‘ Man), and Siena Root (“Flowers), added their own special touch to it and created something truly special. The album closes out with “Beyond the Sun” which combines of this band‘s influences into one signature sound that is all their own that shows that they are not just a lame copy band.  This band is pulling from classic influences and playing and writing with all the heart and soul that a band should write with.” – The Great Southern Brainfart
“Trippy, beautiful, and utterly magical, ’Emmy‘ embellishes a purity found only deep within the earth, riding natural frequencies bands like Hexvessel, Blues Pills, and Church of the Cosmic Skull traverse so frequently and elegantly.” – Cult of the Ibex
“The eight-piece band hailing from Arvika, Sweden deals not just the hippie aesthetic of that time, but a musical homage to the emotive vocals, Hammond B-3 organ and spacey guitars of their forebearers. Ghost Cult is presenting the retro video for their song ’Emmy‘. Get ready to jump in your Delorian and gun it to 88 miles per hour, taking you back to a simpler time of free love, good drugs, and all-around kindness to others, which we need more of today.” – Ghost Cult Magazine
 “The incredible vocal performance (Emmy will send chills down spines) makes it a must listen alone.” – GBHBL
“The light-drenched heat of summer would seem to be a fitting arrival time for the record, which finds the band purposefully basking in hippie vibes and upbeat spirit, bringing together harmonies that recall Church of the Cosmic Skull without the cultish undertones and with a thread of classic heavy rock that might be attributed to an influence from fellow Swedes MaidaVale, as well of course as classic sources from the late-‘60s sunshine era, summer of love, autumn of love, winter of love, spring of love. Lots of love to go around.” – The Obelisk
 “Radiating tubes warmth and sweet harmonic distortion, Children of the Sün forthcoming debut LP, “Flowers”, with its organic sound, proper songwriting and blissful production, it’s a throwback to equally tumultuous, but perhaps less devious, times. Wear some flowers in your hair, embrace the cadence, let yourself go, and please don’t forget to love one another! Highly recommended.” Rate 9/10 – Denim & Leather

“Flowers is chock full of fantastically written and performed psychedelic, poppy rock. A tremendous rhythm section backs authentic keyboards and the occasional searing guitar solo. All of this is fronted by incredible vocal work from Josefina Berglund Ekholm and friends. Flowersis a fantastic album for hot summer days.” – Heavy Music HQ
“The eight-piece outfit, hailing from Arvika, Sweden, blends seamless vocal harmonies with throwback grooves on their upcoming debut full length album Flowers. Soulful and psychedelic, these “flower children” use their music to conjure up feelings of freedom, love, and a connection with the natural world.” – Outlaws of the Sun
“These Swedish bands are masters of their craft. Take your shoes off, and lay on the grass with sunshine on your face.” – Blessed Altar Zine

“From here there‘s more of a Led Zeppelin vibe than their stated influences suggest. There‘s that sense of similarly with new bands like Greta Van Fleet who flog the Zep sound mercilessly, although there‘s no denying the fact that this is one tight unit as they move into “Hard Workin Man” which is a Southern fuelled stomper that leans on Jimmy Page‘s move into the style and the Lynyrd Skynyrd drenched slow burner of “Sunchild” with its‘ strutting riff. The title track picks up from the intro and has lashings of Zeppelin‘s folkier, introspective acoustic style and is very much the standout track.” – Ave Noctum
“This is a fantastic album with lots of great songs! Just listen to the trio “Sunchild”, “Flowers” and “Like A Sound”, just to name a few of all my favorites. Wonderful!” – Hardrockinfo
“Sonically and thematically, Children of the Sün’s brand seems, at first blush, easy to place. Vocal harmonies? Check. Liberal application of hammond-esque keys? Check. Pitter-pat percussion? Check. Airy acoustics? Check. Back-to-the-earth sentimentalism? Double check. Take your favorite carefree folk rock–Traffic or perhaps Blind Faith as several examples among many–and mix, sparingly, with the modern edge and vocal prowess of MaidaVale or Halos and Hurricanes-era Avatarium. The latter may be a stretch, but Josefina Berglund Ekholm and Jennie-Ann Smith certainly share similarities in syrupy-yet-grounded delivery.” – Sleeping Village Reviews

“Inspiriert von der Flower Power-Bewegung wird die Classic Rock-Band CHILDREN OF THE SÜN in wenigen Wochen ihr neues Album „Flowers“ veröffentlichen. Dementsprechend handelt das Album auch von Freiheit, Liebe und der Verbindung zur Natur.” – Vampster
“Met name liefhebbers van sfeervolle sixties styled muziek moeten dit beslist aan een luisterbeurt onderwerpen. Het eindresultaat zal telkens hetzelfde zijn: ze gaan deze Children Of The Sün omarmen en deze ’Flowers‘ aan hun collectie toevoegen.” – Musika
“Αρχικά, στα θετικά του δίσκου είναι ο  αναλογικός και ρετρό ήχος, που έχει αυτό το ‘70s feeling που προσπαθούν να πετύχουν οι Children of the Sun. Ένα άλλο θετικό του δίσκου είναι οι όμορφες μελωδίες και τα χορωδιακά φωνητικά που συντροφεύουν την τραγουδίστριά τους,η οποία αν και έχει συμπαθητική φωνή, δεν νομίζω ότι κάνει τη διαφορά για το group.  Επίσης, ο πληκτράς του group είναι αξιοπρεπέστατος, σημαντικό για μπάντες που αντλούν την έμπνευσή τους από τις δεκαετίες του ‘60 και ‘70.“ –
“Children Of The Sün har med sitt andra singelsläpp Emmy markerat att det snart är dags för debutalbumet att se dagens ljus. Flowers” – Rocknytt
“70-tals rock är mer aktuellt nu än vad den har varit på väldigt lång tid. Med band som Kadavar, Blues Pills och Greta Van Fleet drömmer man sig lätt tillbaka till vad man tror var en enklare tid. Children of the Sün är inget undantag. Med skickliga musiker, som dessutom är i majoritet kvinnor, känns Flowers som en frisk fläkt som är helt rätt i sin tid.” – Crank It Up

Artist: Children of the Sün
The Sign Records
Artwork by:
Maarten Donders
Release date:
26th of July
Flowers (Intro)
Her Game
Hard Working Man
Like A Sound
Beyond The Sun
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