Isla Fortuna – Verity

Rating: 2/5
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Released: 2018
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Band Lineup:

Lykourgos Xenophontos – Guitars
Nikolas Fournaris – Bass/Vocals
Stephanos Eliopoulos – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Paramnesia
2. Go
3. The Dive
4. A Human Nature
5. Fervor
6. North
7. Island
8. Thinkers Cave


Isla Fortuna (it means “Lucky Island” or “Fortune Island” in Spanish depending on how literally you translate it) are a three-piece band from Cyprus. Their music is, as they state “a combination of heavy rock riffs, psychedelic and atmospheric elements, incorporating influences from a diverse background of music genres, including desert, progressive rock, trip-hop and many others”.

Formed in 2013, Isla Fortuna’s first live performance took place in 2015, at Into the Limbo, a psychedelic festival in Cyprus…and this, their debut album, was released in 2018.

After reading this, one approaches this album with hope but trepidation – and it turns out the latter is somewhat more justified.

Other reviewers have described the band as “stoner rock” and one can see why…very few of the songs (if you can call them that) stand out, the band are musically competent and seem passionate about what they do. But the words which sum up their music for me whilst listening to them is “ponderous” and maybe more charitably “introspective”.

I listened to the tracks before researching the band and actually thought after a few cuts that the band might be one of the many guitar/drums duos which have emerged post ‘White Stripes’, but they are actually a guitar/bass/drums trio. It may be the fault of my laptop speakers but I actually couldn’t detect a bass guitar whilst listening to many of their tracks (or even live clips on Youtube) which, bearing in mind I play the instrument myself, is remarkable.

The band are very right about their psychedelic influences…at moments one was reminded of a 1960’s movie or TV soundtrack OR being kinder to the band – one could be forgiven for thinking one was listening to Vanilla Fudge or even an obscure Pink Floyd track.

The great missing element for me is the absence of any great riffs or beats. However the tracks “Go” and “Island” both start with driving, compelling guitar licks which briefly made one hope for greater things…

All in all the band are just not my thing…but as a performer myself I would like to urge the band to keep on trucking. If you have an audience and believe in what you do then naysayers mean nothing. To quote the old cliché, “Everyone is a critic”!

Review by

Jason Stone