Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Released: 2019
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1.       Saviour
2.       Dangerous Game
3.       Stranger
4.       Into The Night
5.       Blood From A Stone
6.       Dawn
7.       Remember
8.       See The Light
9.       Where I Fall
10.   My Way Without You
11.   Lullaby


Lindsay Schoolcraft has always held her own amongst Gothic metal legends Cradle of Filth. October 2019 sees her unleash her debut album, Martyr, with an even more atmospheric and symphonic sound.

Based in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Schoolcraft was discovered and recruited by British extreme heavy metal band CRADLE OF FILTH in 2013 and promoted to full-time membership in 2014. Since then, she has embarked on many world tours and appears on albums “Hammer Of The Witches” (2015) and “Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness Of Decay” (2017), both released under Nuclear Blast Records.

Schoolcraft often seems an extra to Cradle of Filth’s theatrical stage shows, yet xxx proves her a musician of such creativity and technical skill on her own centre stage like Floor Jansen of Nightwish or Arch Enemy. These heavier tracks are padded out with softer melodies like ‘Blood From a Stone’, with beautiful vocals and gentle classical sounds bringing great diversity to the album.

‘See the Light’ opens with the darkest riff, backed by soft piano and strings. Beautiful as it may be, one cannot help but feel the sound resembles a close copy brought to life of Evanescence’s hit, though the echoing bloke growls death metal rather than rap.

The album is not without it’s more sombre tracks – ‘My Way Without You’ sounding such a Celine Dion imitation that it feels like it skipped to the final song ‘Lullaby’, pure in its musical abilities but lacking the power one would expect of the Cradle alumnus who opened this album. It is still an album I would recommend to those who like and follow this genre.

Review by Stewart Lister Vickers