Triangle Face sign with Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Triangle Face sign with Apocalyptic Witchcraft. Announce debut album for autumn launch. New video!

Avant-garde Dada-inspired extreme metal trio Triangle Face has inked a deal with Apocalyptic Witchcraft – the debut album ‘Sentinels of Pseudo-reality: Interpretations of Maelstrom’ will see the light of day in late autumn on 29th November 2019.

In a word, Triangle Face would be best summed up by the word; ‘confusion’!

In a sentence; Triangle Face is a reflection of an abstracting culture and its descent into utter surrealism as it struggles to maintain an identity in a throwaway world saturated with (mis)information!

The experimental trio which is comprised of Mr. Krippling (baritone strings & screams), The Leper (strings) & Gary Midnight (tubs & skins) design unorthodox allegories of the paradox and uncertainty that surrounds us all via audio variations of recognisable subculture formulas.

The band comments on signing with Apocalyptic Witchcraft:
“We are as honoured as we are wracked with ominous foreboding that Apocalyptic Witchcraft has expressed such deep faith in our musical cries for help. It is particularly fitting also, that individuals with such a vision for the ever-changing nature of dark expression have turned their gaze towards the cheerful nihilism of Triangle Face’s creativity. We hope that ‘Sentinels of Pseudo-reality: Interpretations of Maelstrom’ makes you all pleasantly uncomfortable.”

Are Triangle Face ancient beings from another cosmos?! Find out for yourself …

For a taste of things to come, check out the video for ‘ Ðü Plåman’ which is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut:

Catch Triangle Face live at DeadSouls Festival in late August.

Triangle Face live dates:

31 Aug (UK) Ipswich – Deadsoul Festival


Triangle Face online: