HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND launch “Carnival Beyond The Hills” lyric video

“Carnival Beyond The Hills” is the first single from Sweden‘s six man band Hellsingland Underground‘s forthcoming fifth album “A Hundred Years Is Nothing”. “Carnival Beyond The Hills” is about feeling surrounded by idiots, about hope and always believing there is something better waiting around the corner, as opposed to the wearing‘s of everyday life. A call to never give up however hard things may seem at the moment. The sound on this release is pretty different from what we‘re used to hearing from Hellsingland Underground.


Today Hellsingland Underground unveils their new single and music lyric video ”Carnival Beyond The Hills”. Check it out here:

“We are pretty sick of being seen as this retro southern rock kinda band. I understand where it comes from, since our two first albums was probably in that genre, but ever since then we have been on a path of new discoveries and about re-inventing ourselves. We don‘t look back. On this album we started experimenting a lot with all these analog synths, Mini Moog, Mellotrons and stuff, which has been adding a new dimension to our sound. We have worked a lot more on creating an atmosphere compared to previous albums, which were a little more rootsy and down to earth sounding. We have now lifted from the ground and are heading to outer space” as the band describes it. The B-side “Flare Up The Night” is an outtake from the “Evil Will Prevail” sessions back in 2012. “We have no idea why we choose not to include it on that album, but I‘m happy about it now, since it will make both sides of this vinyl single absolute killer” they say.

Available on 7” vinyl in two different vinyl colors: Solid Black and Solid Pink – Limited Edition of 200 copies of each colour.

Order it here:


It will of course be able on all digital and streaming platforms as well.

The album ”A Hundred Years Is Nothing” is set for release on August 30, 2019